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  • dchammonds's Avatar
    Today, 18:15
    dchammonds replied to a thread Eclipse Anyone? in The Lounge
    I've got my pinhole camera ready, no special equipment needed.
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  • 50ShadesOfDamon's Avatar
    Today, 15:17
    New to this all... just received my Kvant ClubMax 2000 with Saturn scanners... :) Want to learn how to use this beast...
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  • whiteg's Avatar
    Today, 13:24
    whiteg added 2 photo(s) to album My laser projector
  • buffo's Avatar
    Today, 11:59
    Oh man... I was so wiped out after SELEM this year that I didn't finish unloading the trailer until Thursday night! When I got home Monday I went straight to bed, and then I had to pull a couple 12-hr shifts at work Tuesday and Wednesday. (Lots of problems at the plant just in time for my return...
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  • DanBarlow's Avatar
    Today, 11:58
    Published January 1994... One quad op amp, 4 diodes, 8 fixed resistors, 2 variable resistors. Repeat for as many color channels as you have. Linear Technology Application Note 57
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  • buffo's Avatar
    Today, 11:53
    Since it's in the court system now, it's unlikely that we will be able to get too much information from either party at this point... However, I can't help but wonder if the case isn't centered around the apparent cloning of the club-max projector (right down to the case design and interior...
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  • buffo's Avatar
    Today, 11:48
    buffo replied to a thread Travelling Australian in The Lounge
    If you're planning to be in the USA next year in mid-September, I'm sure we can organize a Florida Laser Enthusiast's Meeting while you are here. Just let me know when you're sure your travel plans are firm and I'll get the venue lined up. :) Adam
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  • buffo's Avatar
    Today, 11:46
    buffo replied to a thread Goldenstar 4 watts.. in The Lounge
    Mike Muhler (mmuhler here on PL) had one of the 4 watt goldenstar modules at SELEM, with another one installed in his projector. It looked just fine to me, although the modulation on the drivers was really touchy below 25%. Took me a couple tries to get his palette tuned up using LD2000. But...
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  • norty303's Avatar
    Today, 11:07
    I'm not sure what type of case they're bringing, cease and desist, looking for damages or whatever, but admitting liability may not necessarily be the cheap option.
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  • snowmaker55's Avatar
    Today, 07:41
    Up for sale is one Pangolin Lasershow Designer 2000 Package with QM2000 Basic PCI Card. The QM2000 was Pangolin's flagship laser show controller up until the release of the FB4 last year. This card is still relevant and Can be used with the latest Pangolin Beyond Software and can be incorporated...
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  • lasermaster1977's Avatar
    Today, 07:19
    Thanks salty, these are very insightful and helpful!
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  • dsli_jon's Avatar
    Today, 06:23
    *sigh* Well, I thought I was doing the 'nobler' thing to try and keep this all in PM, but I guess that is blown, now.. :rolleyes: a) no 'bluster', just need the Facts.. b) no desire to 'scare away your buyer', as I've already stated, we don't Need / want the Hardware, per-se, that...
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    Today, 05:35
    Now, the thing to look for next is the very same person that gave first refusal, to post Bluster here in an effort to scare away my buyer. (my buyer pointed this out ! )
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    Today, 05:23
    I am posting this to clear up one thing, I have legally established my ownership of what I have. I'm in charge of what I own, and I own what I have. My (in hand) 1995 (expired) contract has no perpetuity clause, and it was not incumbent on me to maintain it. And the (expired) Contract only...
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  • HankLloydRight's Avatar
    Today, 04:11
    Woah. ....
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  • dsli_jon's Avatar
    Today, 03:36
    Heya Pj - Actually, there Is.. Do you own LSX? If not, a) you Should, it's amazing.. :) b) There Are a couple of - Limited Licensed - modules in there, that showcase some of the Best animation that Laser Images produced (ILDA Award winning stuff..) ..but the problem with trying to run...
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  • kecked's Avatar
    Today, 03:26
    Cool! Thanks for sharing. I think doing it in software makes the most sense since you mKe your own profile for each device but taking something like eye magic unit and having it monitor the output while generating the desired curve would be much faster. Then the device just needs to translate...
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  • kecked's Avatar
    Today, 03:20
    kecked started a thread Combining diodes in The Lounge
    With all the talk I decided to look about for other ways to combine. I think planters tried this with a prism but this uses a grating. I wonder if you can use a flexible grating to mKe the combining path more favorable. Sure different freq but still different thinking so I bought it forward. ...
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  • Hanna29's Avatar
    Today, 02:41
    Nothing suspicious, just everyone is asked to share the frames, and I also asked. Why should I hide my name? I work as a lighting artist, there is also laser equipment. Soon an event dedicated to September 1, children go to school. I'm doing a laser show)
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  • Pangolin's Avatar
    Today, 02:29
    The whole original post could be "fake news". Girl needs help? How do we even know it's a girl? How do we know their name is really Hannah? Three posts, all related to the same thing, brand new login, etc. Very suspicious...
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  • dsli_jon's Avatar
    Today, 01:54
    Lol.. Epic Satire.. ..almost tops 'Laser Retardo'.. *retardo
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  • Hanna29's Avatar
    Today, 00:45
    This is a joke))))
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  • sbk's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:29
    I have this since years in two of my projectors, I developped with a friend a special electronic board for this purpose, which digitizes the analog signals of the ILDA color signals, apply a correction on them, and convert it back to analog. Kvant even had a prototype in their hands as they were...
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  • Linda's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:03
    Main advantage products are: 1、Polarization optics:Glan Polarizer, Polarizer beam splitter cube, Wave plate. 2、Crystals: LBO crystals, BBO crystals, Birefringence crystals,laser crystals 3、Waveplate : low order, zero order, High power zero order 4、High Power PBS (532nm, 1064nm,1550nm, Damage...
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  • masterpj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:33
    When you publically compare a kvant case copy down to the modules design of a chinese projector with the original product though it should be no surprise you will piss people off though. Social media is so important with the entertainment industry that I am not surprised it caused a reaction. Those...
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  • whiteg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:38
    whiteg replied to a thread LASERWAVE in Seller Review
    I decided and I again ordered OEM pro modules from LaseWave. The communication perfect and the all OEM modules is good but the beam point littlebit dirty beacuse no Spatial filter but the all module with TEC + ESD and optical corrected beam. I like the product.
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  • danielbriggs's Avatar
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  • norty303's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:16
    norty303 replied to a thread Goldenstar 4 watts.. in The Lounge
    I'm trying to recall which is in which of my projectors but I think I've got OEM 4W with 462 running on the 506 with the 'Darth' mirror set. Bit of spill but basically all there.
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  • norty303's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:13
    I think that's just your opinion PJ and it's not your place to be advising g Peter what he should do. This is a legal matter, and much as it pains me to say it, it's probably best handled by lawyers that specialize in this sort of thing. Even if patent law seems to be designed to line their...
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