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Thread: The LSX tutorials thread!

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    thank you!

    and taking a minute to point out saltyrobot's LSX abstract shows are amazing... really good stuff that will blow you mind with wobbly weirdness and melty light.

    Quote Originally Posted by SaltyRobot View Post
    At SELEM 11 I was asked to do a talk on Expressions in LSX. I created this document to assist with learning expressions and demonstrating the basics. Feel free to copy and paste from this document as you see fit. If you find something interesting to add re-post the document with your additions and your name as a contributor. Enjoy.

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    Thanks salty, these are very insightful and helpful!
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    I bought an Helios DAC and want to use with LSX. What drivers should I be looking for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mxandy View Post
    I bought an Helios DAC and want to use with LSX. What drivers should I be looking for?
    Congratulations. I'm sure you'll love them.

    The directions for installing the Helios drivers on various operating systems can be found here:

    Expect LSX to have a learning curve, but there are some great videos out there (documented in this thread) as well as two manuals for LSX and one for PicEdit (assuming you purchased the Basic or Pro version). The PL chatroom almost always has an LSX user there for questions, although being a chatroom, you may have to wait for a while to get a response.

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    Thank you it was much easier than expected.

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