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Thread: Ministar Laser?

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    "They're crap, buy mine"

    Peter, have you ever noticed that the members of this forum (who also sell product) who don't attract negative comment are the ones who either choose to say nothing, or offer advice without it turning into an advert for their own stuff?

    You are using Bonetti's defense against me, ah?

    I thought it fitting, considering the rocky terrain.

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    It's not really ethical for a competitor to deem someones product bad to then promote his own even if he or she is right. Have a third party do a comparison if you wanna make it with both products physically there.
    Both you 2 are chinese resellers and while you might put time in checking the projectors in a way (and rgb laserverkoop in the past opening them up and turning projectors up or tuning some galvos) it's still not ok.

    Both projectors are still chinese and the quality of the components on the circuitry cannot be tested unless you meter everything (some out of circuit) and even then life span is a guess with chinese pushed to spec components unless you had a direct hand in the circuit design.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tamaran View Post
    I have 2 ministar 4.0 and a m3000 pro
    Yes but what do you think of them? I understand the pro's had corrected beams but the others didn't.

    Quote Originally Posted by Laserpower View Post
    Is the factory still in business ?? Some one told me last week it stopped selling ? But i don't know the factory or the products.
    Still making them but different models and with a different factory, i guess. He is not doing the pro models now as far as i can see.

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    I got a mag lighting pj which is from the same company I do believe.d 1800. Had green diode died. Replaced. Then scanners started acting up and had replacements sent. I've also have to constantly play with the color Balance. There is no optical correction so the blue and red and pretty wide.. didn't measure.. this was my first analog pj. For the price it's ok but it's been kinda a maintanance whore.

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