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Thread: Neutron Holograms

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    Default Neutron Holograms

    Ran across this seems pretty neat!

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    Interesting ....however the big leap forward in holography was made when holographic film was developed...and I am not at all sure HOW they are expecting to develop neutron sensitive high density holographic film.
    Perhaps Mr. P or Steve have some ideas about this !


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    The first holograms were recorded on regular high resolution Kodak photographic plates and film. It was found in the '70s that grain size affects quality in many ways, and since then the best holographic recording materials have been either grainless or have extremely small grain size.

    This article unfortunately starts with this totally incorrect definition "flat images that change depending on the viewer’s perspective, giving the sense that they are three-dimensional objects". Holograms are recordings of interference patterns that may be generated by 3D objects. Anyway, in this case, the principles of holography are applied with neutron illumination and computer analysis of the resulting interference patterns to reconstruct the images presented in the videos.

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