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Thread: ClubSELEM EDM Choices and Scheduling

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueFang View Post
    I accidentally posted this in the wrong thread - but I will have 2 DJ sets ready if there are slots to fill.

    I have divided my music into 2 DJ sets. One is very specific - Deep/ Chicago / SF / Italian / Brazilian House (115-130 BPM). My other set is set is simply titled "Music to laser to" - and does not really fit neatly into a category other than it is just simply good music - from the 60s to 2017... a curated journey of good music.
    Really looking forward to it, Johnny, we have a lot of overlap in our musical tastes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10Fenny View Post
    Ha ok! I got some diverse stuff too. Haywyre anyone? Crystal castles? Or how bout some ween.. kid a radiohead..
    Kid A is one of my favorite albums of all time and I just saw Crystal Castles a couple months ago


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    Crystal castles og broke up a few years ago.. then regrouped with a new girl on vocals. Too bad. They are awesome!! As far as radiohead.. Thomas York did some great work with dj sasha on the various involver albums. Gas tank remix was great...
    It's always hard to read what people wanna hear.

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