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Thread: Modules staying on even with ILDA disconnected?

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    Question Modules staying on even with ILDA disconnected?

    Hi all,

    I've got a 5w RGB unit on my bench today. So far I've done a bit of troubleshooting and fixed a few things here and there.
    The primary issue it was brought in for though is for some reason the Red and Green modules seem to stay on at full power even with no ILDA input, and don't respond at all to ILDA (Scanners work fine so and checked output on another unit so ILDA ouput is fine).

    So far I've open circuited the input to the diode in case there was a short somewhere, as well as running an extra ground to test but no matter what i do they wont turn off.

    The Blue's also not outputting at all, but that could be a different problem all together so will cross that bridge after i fix this issue.

    Anyone had a similar issue or have any ideas for this weird one?


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    Hi Elektryx,

    You've probably got a floating ground that's causing the modulation on the red and green to be getting some power. Test the modulation on those lines without sending an ILDA signal to it and see if you have >0 volts. Assuming so, you've got to start looking for the source. In my experience, such issues frequently stem from a PSU that isn't grounded or is otherwise malfunctioning. If you have multiple PSUs, you can start disconnecting one at a time to see if you can identify the culprit.

    I don't know about the blue. Perhaps you can give it a 5V modulation from a DC transformer to eliminate potential connection problems?

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    In order to help...Which is that 5w RGb module Brand/provider? have pics of driver? If chinese look for driver switches...maybe is on full-power mode, you should switch to ANG

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    Also check the driver bias adjustment

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