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Thread: Selling a number of lasers and other equipment.

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    Default Selling a number of lasers and other equipment.

    IMG_3229.JPG050513468asGrassAmp001.jpgIMG_3231.JPG11758 K bassel Co2 022105 025-1.jpgIMG_3232.JPGIMG_3215.JPG

    Photos uploaded twice, and, they are out of order.
    I have 30-40 photos.

    Asking say, $250.00 for 3 or 4 Ar+ with whatever power supplies i have....
    and the extra long umbilical (15 feet i think) I had custom made (paid $100), 2 other umbilical cables. Make an offer, Take it all.

    $500 for Molectron Dye laser/parts, I can't find good photos, all high quality parts from 1970's

    $500 for all the Baasel laser tech units : Galvo driver unit; VME Comp II (III?); unit with breakers and power control.

    i will be updating.

    Selling a number of lasers and other equipment.
    I have (3 or 4) 60x style Ar+ lasers I bought 15 years ago when I was optimistic about spare time available for hobbies.

    Also available is an Optodyne LDDM III setup, in need of repair;
    a Nikon HeNe assembly I assume from a chip fab/stepper;
    Baasel Lasertech components including X-Y drivers, MVE CompII and power control breakers;
    468AS Modelocker made for Coherent by Programmed Test Sources of Littleton MA;
    1 Molectron Dye laser DL-200 (plus another one in parts), These have large laser cavities, great optomechanics, lenses;

    I also have maybe 500 audio/Ham vacuum tubes (maybe 100 are new), Lab grade VTVMs, other misc electronics;
    maybe 10 parts cabinets with IC's and other parts;
    Ophir energy/power meter with head;

    other great stuff.

    I am looking for someone to come by and take a large pile home for a good price.

    I live in Hempstead Long Island (NY) and I am not too interested in shipping.

    I have photos of much of it.
    Send a private message and we can arrange contact and talk about pricing.
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    Pictures of actual items you want to sell
    are a must as well as prices....

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    I tried to upload photos, couldn't figure out how.... asking $2000 for all I have listed. Open to offers.

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    Update. I have 30-40 photos in an shared iCloud folder... I think if you send me your email, I can give you permission to view.

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    Is the Nikon HeNe complete and working? Condition? Asking price alone? Phil
    Phil Bergeron( AKA 142laser)

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    ... hmmm - the Baasel Lasertech X-Y driver looks interesting for me ... have the same type with burnt driver-module, so could be worth to replace/reactivate.

    But I'm located in Germany - what's with shipping and price?


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    I think the Nikon needs interface to test.... very clean... I paid prob $150 I will take $100.... pm me

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    I don't think I am shipping right now.... in the middle of a kitchen remodeling I paid around $500 for all the Baasel that is the most useful part by far, pm me, it is all packed away, needs box and stuff, I need to make space and time to lay it out and pack it up.

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    Default Nikon HeNe

    Quote Originally Posted by DanceTheLight View Post
    I think the Nikon needs interface to test.... very clean... I paid prob $150 I will take $100.... pm me
    So it is the small chrome looking head with two cables, high voltage and control? Probably a 2 mode stabilized head, maybe dead. No controller correct? $100 shipped? PayPal? I am Phil Bergeron, Sam's Partner at Sam's Laser FAQ, he would be interested in it. You can send a PayPal invoice to me at, the laser will ship to Sam! Phil
    Phil Bergeron( AKA 142laser)

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