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  • HankLloydRight's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:52
    Hi folks.. I have five more ILDAC-WAV units now available. Contact me here or email if you have any questions. Check out the website for ordering details: I have one pre-production unit available at a small discount. The pre-production unit is...
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  • whiteg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:33
    I use Startech USB cables, but they are basically never, or only rarely, unplugged from the FB3 connector so that it doesn't get damaged. (it was already replaced once at the Pangolin service). The startech USB extender is good product, but the price is the same as an additional FB3. There could...
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  • Shasta's Avatar
    07-02-2022, 21:32
    Hey all, I've got a Goldenstar RGB3000 that was purchased prior to the pandemic... things got a bit busy for a while so I'm just getting around to getting it going. Right now I've got it hooked up via LaserShowGen & an Etherdream 2, but I'm having some distortion issues. I've attached a few images...
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  • absolom7691's Avatar
    07-02-2022, 14:26
    absolom7691 replied to a thread old promo? in The Lounge
    Very cool! I'm curious if the video was shot with a vidicon tube camera as the scan flicker seemed very low for the day. I love older laser tech. Ions were the "golden age" of laser shows.
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  • absolom7691's Avatar
    07-02-2022, 14:12
    I think a lot of this has to do with safety. I'm pretty sure the software/fb3 connection is constantly monitored at a specific performance level because the last thing you want is to lose data and have a stray beam hit someone. I could be wrong but that is what I would wager. As a rule of thumb,...
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  • whiteg's Avatar
    07-02-2022, 11:42
    Now I know from other users use is "Startech USB Extender" because the FB3 can work only be expanded with it, But why, I don't know, but this is a reality.
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  • eboy's Avatar
    07-02-2022, 11:42
    after a 2 year halt just getting back into things. we have a few installations where clients laptop is used to run show we just turn up with fb3 and we find we have got many older machines used for shows but now qs wont run on them, the fb3 has latest and greatest (ha ha ) firmware so it wont...
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  • eboy's Avatar
    07-02-2022, 11:32
    ive had numerous problems with fb3's and pangolin software. the fb3 is basically ok but the softeware really doesnt handle errores very well.unless you have a GOOD cable and a GOOD port , no corrosion no moisture, no interference NO HUB even if powerred its gonna be a pain. if we try and use a hub...
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  • Shadow's Avatar
    07-02-2022, 10:59
    Looks awesome. What's the name of the font used?
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  • HankLloydRight's Avatar
    07-02-2022, 04:36
    Wow, that's a great logo! Congrats and thank you DZ!
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  • buffo's Avatar
    07-02-2022, 03:19
    Just a reminder: the standard registration period for SELEM is now over, and the shirt order has been submitted. You can still register for SELEM, but the cost is now $199, and you may not get a shirt. (We always order a few extra shirts each year, but when the extras are gone, that's that.)...
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  • buffo's Avatar
    07-02-2022, 03:15
    Congratulations to DZ for this year's winning SELEM logo: The shirt order was submitted yesterday. Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas. Adam
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  • absolom7691's Avatar
    07-01-2022, 07:14
    Sorry for getting back to this so late. This year has been a roller coaster for me. As for hardware details, it only goes into the basics. The documentary focuses more on Ivan and the people involved with getting Laserium started. The doc also talks with several Laserium laserists and their...
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  • absolom7691's Avatar
    07-01-2022, 06:22
    absolom7691 replied to a thread Home Arcade in The Lounge
    Thank you! Highspeed is an awesome pin! I have a special place in my heart for Millionaire. My uncle had Millionaire in his shop and it was one of the first pins I ever played. When he sold his business, the pin went, too. Several years later, I found one on Craigslist and purchased it and...
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  • HankLloydRight's Avatar
    07-01-2022, 03:59
    HankLloydRight replied to a thread Home Arcade in The Lounge
    Oh man, High Speed was at the local arcade in college and my roommate and I would play that thing for hours. I'm not a big (or good) pinball player, but that one game is burned into my mind! I did notice it very briefly on your virtual pinball machine video. Do you have the real thing? Also, in...
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  • polishedball's Avatar
    06-30-2022, 17:42
    polishedball replied to a thread Home Arcade in The Lounge
    That is great, I have owned cyclone and millionaire in the past. Cyclone and Highspeed were the first pins I was introduced to in college dorm. - - - Updated - - - That is great, I have owned cyclone and millionaire in the past. Cyclone and Highspeed were the first pins I was...
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  • absolom7691's Avatar
    06-30-2022, 16:34
    absolom7691 replied to a thread Home Arcade in The Lounge
    What a lovely home arcade! Very cool! I have a few pins myself and one Atari cabinet.
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  • james's Avatar
    06-29-2022, 20:29
    Dark Radiance James Lehman 2022 36x36 inch acrylic on canvas
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    06-29-2022, 12:25
    mixedgas replied to a thread BUYING : Ruby laser mirrors in Buy/Sell/Trade
    The patent contains all the construction details for the resonant mirror / stack of etalons. Steve
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    06-28-2022, 20:56
    mixedgas replied to a thread old promo? in The Lounge
    Seh Kool, Ja.. Steve
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  • dchammonds's Avatar
    06-28-2022, 20:55
    dchammonds replied to a thread Dean's List in The Lounge
    OK, let's throw this in the mix...*nyancat
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  • VB6Hobbyst's Avatar
    06-28-2022, 20:09
    Hi Sergey, please you can share link to download source-code VB6.0 of laser ild Optimizer and updates of Vectorizer you have a blog, Github or other resository on the web i am like very mutch image processing softwares in VB6.0 i am can to improve your code in Visual Basic 6.0 i am i like...
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    06-28-2022, 14:08
    very slowly pull a vacuum on the boards, but make sure no oil from the rotary pump gets on the boards, so install a trap. Atmosphere is 760 Torr. Drop to say 700 Torr the first day. Drop to 600 Torr and hold one or two days. Drop to 500 Torr and hold one or two days.
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  • VDX's Avatar
    06-28-2022, 03:21
    ... I've ordered an 30Watt-MOPA-M7 fiberlaser with variable pulse-length in exchange for my actual 30Watt with "fixed" pulselength -- while the actual can only generate pulses with 200ns (wwats too long for my actual project), the MOPA-M7 can vary between 2ns-350ns. Here the box, that came...
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  • rcbaktis's Avatar
    06-27-2022, 16:43
    rcbaktis replied to a thread BUYING : Ruby laser mirrors in Buy/Sell/Trade
    Thank you to everyone who has replied. I really appreciate it. I found an OC at Laser Components ( Here are the specs: PR500-1000/50/AR PW0512UV Output coupler, side 1 R=50% +/- 3% @500-1000 nm, side 2 R<1% avg. 500-1000 nm 12.7 mm diameter, 3.2 mm thickness, fused...
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  • CTesa's Avatar
    06-27-2022, 10:40
    CTesa replied to a thread SELLING : 4x 12w Lightspace lasers in Buy/Sell/Trade
    Are they still available?
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  • aberry's Avatar
    06-27-2022, 09:02
    With that IP address and subnet mask, you can set your computer to any IP address between (including) and, except Your computer will need the same subnet mask of I seem to recall seeing some weirdness with modulaser and network settings, but...
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  • icecruncher's Avatar
    06-26-2022, 19:50
    icecruncher replied to a thread Home Arcade in The Lounge
    You are right of course. I have some vaseline glass, but some is just uranium glass. Its often used interchangeably
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  • ronhip's Avatar
    06-26-2022, 14:00
    ronhip replied to a thread Home Arcade in The Lounge
    Hmmm... I've always heard it referred to a "Uranium glass", since it's a uranium oxide that gives it the yellow-greeninsh (Vaseline) color. Wikipedia has a nice short article on it: Ron
    14 replies | 580 view(s)
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