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  • lasingfox's Avatar
    07-24-2022, 05:55
    Hello, I'm looking to try and buy or trade for an omni 543 argon laser of really any model as long as its still alive. I really don't even need the mirrors since i have multiple sets from tubes that have shattered in the mail but, i'd like to know what it outputs before i buy it.. apparently...
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  • lulighttec's Avatar
    07-19-2022, 11:01
    IMPORTANT POST! Hi Folks, Any of you that have already or plan to make reservations at the HIE Elkton, please reply to this thread with the name the reservation is under. I am getting a list together for the manager of the hotel; she is going to work out a group rate for us for this year. ...
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  • polishedball's Avatar
    07-25-2022, 14:28
    Anyone have the schematic or pinout for this solenoid driver for effect flags. Looking to build it out again and it has been awhile. I want to say it ran on +/- 35v but can not remember. Thanks
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  • wingssv's Avatar
    08-03-2022, 06:57
    I am looking for recommendations on which laser projector to buy. As a beginner, I was considering the Unity Raw 3, but these are $1500. Is there any other laser projector with similar quality but at a better price you would recommend starting with?
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  • BruceLavender's Avatar
    07-22-2022, 01:24
    Greetings, I have repaired a laser LASERKING LKPD3 that I sold to a client a few years ago there was a fault with 12volt power and it's now working however from wear and tear and continuous use the unit has gone out of alignment quite badly. What is the best way to align the lasers ? should I start...
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  • absolom7691's Avatar
    07-26-2022, 12:53
    I've been reading a little bit about Solid State Dye Lasers and was going to see if anyone here knew why we haven't seen any of these yet? The concept is old and materials seem pretty straightforward. With the proliferation of cheap, moderately powered green and blue (DPSS and direct diode), I...
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  • pmurph5's Avatar
    08-08-2022, 17:21
    I have a friend who purchased a couple he-ne's that have some historical interest. One is a SP 132, the other is a SP 134 (he says; I haven't seen them). The tubes flash on and off. He says they have outgassed and need to be regassed. Is this possible? If so, who can do it and what's involved...
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  • polishedball's Avatar
    08-06-2022, 08:04
    Hi All, I picked up a pair of Pluto2's recently, want to start by saying I am very happy with the deal and noted this what I call issue before purchase. I am curious if the green laser on the pluto 2's always showed so much much scatter. I have one that is worse that the other because it is...
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  • BruceLavender's Avatar
    08-04-2022, 02:26
    I purchased one of these a few weeks ago and while it works and seems like a good product however the loop playback mode does not work at all. When in manual mode pressing play+No displays the stored text for the relevant page. The manual is very poorly written and all text lasers seem to suffer...
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  • cbabbman's Avatar
    08-11-2022, 09:14
    I'm trying to get an idea what a 2016 Kvant Clubmax 3000 is worth on the market today. I have 2 of them, both with less than 50 hrs runtime each on them, ILDA interface and in Kvant flight cases. What do you all think? thank you, C
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  • MrNIFty923's Avatar
    07-29-2022, 12:13
    Inspiration comes from unusual places. Wanted to post about a project I’m working on. It’s a little unusual, but I think the results will be pretty cool. I’m a metal fabricator by trade, and a laser fanatic as many of you are as well. I will be building a series of furniture art pieces using...
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  • bridge's Avatar
    08-01-2022, 19:16
    Hello Sir, This is Bridge, long long time not here. :). Who can contact with Rob from Stanwax. I reply his email but can't reach him. Best regards! Bridge This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of...
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  • TheHermit's Avatar
    08-06-2022, 06:41
    End of An Artist's Career? A.I. Creates Art for You! - Complete Guide This is getting so good that it's getting scary.👽 Personally, I reckon this fast talkin feller is just a tad bit too slick fer my likin'. "He just don't look right" - RIP Freddie Freeloader. He presents a few quick & fancy...
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    07-25-2022, 12:54
    532 and 643 Manuals attached. Steve
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  • wingssv's Avatar
    08-03-2022, 07:33
    What are the main differences between these 2 ? Is the ELITE worth the extra money ? Both seem outstanding quality, just trying to see which one is a better investment
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  • polishedball's Avatar
    07-29-2022, 17:15
    ANyone looking for anything particular this year? I have a few piles but dont want to load a bunch of stuff back n forth if no interest. I am looking to buy another FB3 if anyone has one they want to sell.
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  • Lazerman121's Avatar
    07-26-2022, 12:04
    My father passed away back in March and we are trying to get a handle on his shop. If anyone is interested in Capacitors, wire, bolts PLC equipment, T-Slot Ect. I also have an Argon free for anyone who wants it. Stop by on your way to or from Selem I am off Sunday if anyone can make it then...
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    Today, 10:58
    mixedgas replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    Thank you for the educational PDF. Always wondered how that effect was SOOOOOO stable. Steve
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  • ronhip's Avatar
    Today, 10:12
    ronhip replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    Seems cruel talking about the schematic and how it works without looking at it in front of you. So... for your edification, I present you with that schematic (I had to break up the PDF in 2 parts of less than 5MB each for the forum software...) Included is some pretty good documentation. Ron
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  • kiremai's Avatar
    Today, 05:37
    merci beaucoup monsieur
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  • laserist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:15
    laserist replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    The Danube loops and eights were generated by clock/divider circuits. (2 pairs of divide by 16 and then divide by 2048/4096 counters. One had a pulse synchronizer that could insert a 0 to 20 KHz clock in one pair.) Those circuits sent square wave pulse trains through integrators to convert to...
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  • Greg's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:27
    Greg replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    I wonder if anything further is known regarding that modification, as that sounds like a very useful modification. So that's a cat's meow. The project includes the original slotted can chopper. I certainly noticed the change from this to the aom. It was like an insanely fast chopper, but with no...
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  • VDX's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:22
    ... here a video, what's possible with an 8x4.5W-block with blue 4.5W-laserdiodes in a DIY-setup -- roughly 35 Watts on a spot of 0,3mm size ... in the video the "mirror-cut"-arrangement far-field visible on the wall: Attached the datasheet of the 8x-block and...
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  • laserist's Avatar
    Yesterday, 07:57
    laserist replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    The Danube board generated a slightly variable 100 Hz sine wave that was controlled by a 0-10V input voltage. It generated fixed 100 and 50 Hz sine waves. The combination of the fixed and variable wave forms generated Lissajous loops and "eights". When the 0-10V signal approached 10v the variable...
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  • james's Avatar
    08-13-2022, 21:57
    Finally some new videos!
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  • lasermaster1977's Avatar
    08-13-2022, 19:16
    lasermaster1977 replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    One of the great Laserium choreography numbers was to the "Blue Danube" and consisted of slow, graceful variations of the classic rotating, RYGB, Lissajous figures and cycloids of slightly out-of phase 1:1 sine/cosine signals, coupled with quadrature DC RYGB movements, moving to the music. I'm...
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  • mixedgas's Avatar
    08-13-2022, 18:51
    mixedgas replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    What does a Danube Board do? Steve
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  • laserist's Avatar
    08-12-2022, 18:47
    laserist replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    For the record the slotted can chopper was used on the Mark VI until the Beatles show mods.
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