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  • gashead's Avatar
    Today, 03:27
    I might come along for an hour on Sunday evening :D
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  • absolom7691's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:22
    absolom7691 replied to a thread Lumia Test in Lumia
    That is pretty awesome. It reminds me of the old school color organs from way back in the day! What are you using to cycle trough the colors? Is it based on music frequency?
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  • megaton's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:56
    megaton started a thread Lumia Test in Lumia
    Audio ritmic lumia
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  • Lumia's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:01
    Hello everyone, I don't post often enough, but... I have some really exciting news to share for this yearís 13th SELEM event! We will have a very special guest of honor (Dave Sieg of Scanimate fame) joining us on Thursday, Friday, and possibly Saturday. Many of you may know who Dave is,...
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  • Bradfo69's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:19
    Last year, we all know the live abstract and beam show to Dark Side of The Moon was epic and I know people will likely want to attempt something similar this year. I'm formally submitting my suggestion/request to do the "Animals" album this time around. I know DSOTM is a classic and we usually...
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  • james's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:02
    Probably the most complicated part of getting LB to work in android would be accessing the file system. The way it is now, it only knows how to read from directories inside of its own folder. I don't think that would translate to android because it is a structured OS and everything that is part of...
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  • dkumpula's Avatar
    Yesterday, 08:32
    I vote yes, Sal! It was an easy way to make last minute updates and share them with everyone. Having me run around just marking things on the hard-copies posted around the event is inadequate for getting the word out. GroupMe was also very helpful in reminding people that a presentation or event...
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  • Alex_kld's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:31
    Selling scaner's Cambridge technoligy 6210 - 1 Set, galvo+driver(Apolo)+PSU (+-24V), fully functional and working. Sent offers in PM
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  • SoulFeast's Avatar
    06-15-2019, 23:23
    Iíll need to see what the schedule is like.
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  • DrEvil's Avatar
    06-15-2019, 23:19
    Space-A. Should be easy to get into Charleston.
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  • SoulFeast's Avatar
    06-15-2019, 19:57
    Iím tentatively planning to make it this year. I just permanent change of stationed to Germany; Iíve only been here for a week so far. Money is tight with the move, but I miss you folks, so Iím going to do my damndest to get out there again.
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  • kecked's Avatar
    06-15-2019, 19:35
    Hummmm sounds like we need to come down your way for a mini let just for you. That really sucks. Feel better if you can. I will make sure you get video and pictures. We can photoshop you in the group photo.
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  • hakzaw1's Avatar
    06-15-2019, 15:59
    Brad no need to thank me... you covered every aspect of SELEM that I have been touting at LPF and then some--- I really thought I was the last to find it... I was about to ask for a link to post 'overthere' not 100% sure that a copy would be OK to post it.. so it will be there asap, (silly me)...
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  • dchammonds's Avatar
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  • james's Avatar
    06-15-2019, 12:38
    It is entirely possible that it can be done with the libSDL 1.2 android libs. An android device knows how to use an external keyboard, you know.
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  • discothefunkyhippo's Avatar
    06-15-2019, 10:44
    $$$ sent, medium shirt plz. I will bring synths, lasers, and light DJ gear. Also, was the online schedule helpful the last two years? I can put some time into setting it up again and to fix the bugs we had if people want it. Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Thanks, Sal
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  • krazer's Avatar
    06-15-2019, 08:47
    I just gave the live mode a try and found it to be pretty neat. Thanks! It is really great to see open source and source available laser show software picking up steam
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  • kecked's Avatar
    06-15-2019, 05:59
    Request made spec will be there. Wow what a great article. Nice to see the attention in the so called pro world. You know from what Iíve seen the line between pro and no pro is pretty skinny these days. In fact Iíd bet with the right backing many of the so called amateurs could give the big...
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  • dchammonds's Avatar
    06-14-2019, 19:27
    Has anyone ever compiled LB on an Android device? How about a demo of that egg and spider thing on a smartphone...:cool:
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  • lasermaster1977's Avatar
    06-14-2019, 10:11
    Yeah, I'd have to say that is pretty cool and a huge benefit for "try before you fly".
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  • lasermaster1977's Avatar
    06-14-2019, 10:07
    Aah, gotcha. Thanks for clarifying that.
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  • DanBarlow's Avatar
    06-14-2019, 08:36
    FAQ says it needs 6KV@ up to 35mA. It has dual anodes so it technically can run half tube discharge, but the starter will keep firing until both legs light unless you modify the head wiring. It's driven from a tap on both ballast resistors. I have a cap charging supply from Jon Singer that can...
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  • dkumpula's Avatar
    06-14-2019, 05:16
    Thanks for the kind words a few posts back, guys! I use the 3D map in Google Earth to check elevations, but I haven't done any virtual flights using Litchi. The 3D maps have proved useful for not flying into the side of a hill or mountain when there are terrain changes. It also seems...
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  • buffo's Avatar
    06-14-2019, 04:37
    I should have clarified that statement: I don't own any DJI drones. The Mavic is the one I've been considering, however. But my understanding is that the Litchi software will only talk to the DJI flight controllers, and none of my current birds use DJI hardware. So for example, assume...
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  • HankLloydRight's Avatar
    06-14-2019, 04:04
    I had an ebay alert setup for 'laserdock'.. There's a guy on there now selling two laserdock dongles for $166(used) and $184(new) , as well as three new Laserdock LD1000 projectors for about $640 and an LD2000 for $800, if anyone is looking for a dongle or projector. see: ...
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  • karpit900's Avatar
    06-14-2019, 02:02
    hey photon addicts, selling my etherdream dac. maybe 2 hours on this thing. never really got into building a projector. anyway its for sale. have the device and power adapter. looking to get $160 shipped in the us.
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  • lasermaster1977's Avatar
    06-13-2019, 15:44
    I particularly like using the Litchi website's Mission Hub on my PC for creating WayPoint mission flights. You can also create/edit WayPoint missions with the Litchi app on your iOS, tablet or smartphone device. For me, its just so much easier to do this on a large screen like a PC has. If you...
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  • haze's Avatar
    06-13-2019, 14:09
    I was also in your situation a little while ago if you don't want to spend a fortune on an analog projector for home use, as you have been advised, you should look at the chinese market a few years ago I had a goldenstar and I was happy with it now i'm finishing to assemble one for pure hobby...
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  • Lazerjock's Avatar
    06-13-2019, 12:31
    Here is a nice tutorial on how to set it up and use it. Haven't tried it myself yet. Chris
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  • krisxone's Avatar
    06-13-2019, 11:03
    I'm currently looking at new options from GoldenStar and Lightspace, but wondering if someone had some used units for sale. I'm pretty flexible on the specs, something comparable to a Lightspace Starburst RGB 3000.
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