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  • White-Light's Avatar
    Today, 01:52
    I can't see why having extra red would alleviate a pink tint to the white on the 3400. If anything a pink tint is an indication of too much red. The typical antidote to a pink tint would be to add more blue or reduce the red power. Given these two projectors have the same amount of blue and green,...
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  • Eidetic's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:42
    This one is a real classic and classy laser! Introduced in 1966, the model 124 was part of the "Stabilite" series that included the 120, 122, and 123, and was characterized by the "L" shaped resonator common to them all. This one is really old and must be from the very early years. Notice...
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  • carlos3621's Avatar
    12-13-2019, 18:28
    Bump for lowered price OBO.
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  • kecked's Avatar
    12-13-2019, 16:51
    thatís a weird request. Most people want 1mm not 1 ď. What is the application?
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  • Tekosh's Avatar
    12-13-2019, 15:35
    1-inch diameter circular is enough. The output should be pretty well collimated. I have put together one with adjustable mirrors myself using Thorlabs parts but I need a more compact unit. All lasers should have the same polarization.
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  • VJ AIWAZ's Avatar
    12-13-2019, 02:29
    For sale we have 20 pieces of these projector instock ready to ship in NYC lumia , df linear df burst df double burst (1 static 1 rotating) 3d lenticular , df 3d , cokin filter typ effect + open ( no effect )1 each effect can rotate via dmx in either direction with selectable speed ...
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  • kecked's Avatar
    12-12-2019, 16:56
    More detail. One inch square round rectangle. Power divergence use?
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  • keeperx's Avatar
    12-12-2019, 10:41
    So I got all my parts together and built a projector. It puts out about 1 watt all diode RGB. (520/638/450) Scanners are 35k at 8 degrees Used an older DZ breakout board for the ILDA connector Scanning with HELIOS DAC The enclosure is from an 1000W sodium/halide ballast. I have a bunch...
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  • clickamouse's Avatar
    12-12-2019, 07:50
    Greetings, all; I'm back and catching up on stuff. The other photos from Canal Convergence of my installation Soleri, So Laser, are to be found here:
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  • clickamouse's Avatar
    12-12-2019, 07:37
    ... this time a Fenning tech award for my interactive laser lumia-controlling Lunchboxen. This is my 4th award, and my first technical - I would like to thank the Academy... For those of you who were in Orlando for the ceremony, did Patrick lead the crowd in the "Gimme An L.." cheer after...
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  • LASEREV's Avatar
    12-11-2019, 23:57
    good work please send me ilda file at Thankyou ! Best regards .
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  • carlos3621's Avatar
    12-11-2019, 17:59
    Selling an fb3 dac with SLE BEYOND license for 800 usd plus shipping. OR: I can also upgrade it to BEYOND ADVANCD for 1400 usd plus shipping.
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  • Tekosh's Avatar
    12-11-2019, 10:06
    Hi All, I'm looking for a compact RGB collimated unit which outputs a 1-inch, aligned, collimated beam. I haven't been able to find an appropriate one. Do you guys have any suggestions? If you know a supplier or specific company, please send me the link.
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  • Datsurb's Avatar
    12-11-2019, 01:34
    I know some companies are over the top creative in their marketing. Any suggestions what im actually is? If it is the real deal, it might be worth investigate. Datsurb
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  • VDX's Avatar
    12-10-2019, 15:51
    ... today I've installed one of our laser engravers with a 30W MOPA and 300x300x200mm XYZ "marking range" (200x200x200mm and a 110x110mm galvoscanner head) at university Augsburg for the "materials research" group ;) Viktor
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  • Greg's Avatar
    12-10-2019, 04:42
    Greg replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    Great info on the color mod, I was just going to ask about that. Ron and Brian, thank you immensely for continuing to share your wealth of knowledge. The emulator now resembles the original circuit more closely than prior to this most interesting discussion. So... if anyone is interested in an...
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  • mrfloppy's Avatar
    12-10-2019, 02:28
    how do I get it to go from chinese language to english? nvm, Found it... works well measured the values of the POTS and replicated it on the board i screwed up, hoping for a baseline to learn to tune from....
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  • aberry's Avatar
    12-09-2019, 08:42
    The angles in the image look consistent with the perspective and foreshortening effects you'd expect from an image of a long-distance laser projection. You lose a lot of perspective in a photograph versus seeing it in real life. That doesn't mean it isn't fake, but I don't see anything in the...
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  • Elektrotechniker's Avatar
    12-08-2019, 21:26
    Elektrotechniker started a thread SELLING : Scanner sets for sale in Buy/Sell/Trade
    Hi. I have following items that need a new home. 1. PT-30k set purchased couple years ago, has only about 2 hours of use. For what it is worth, i was surprised with the quality of the calibration these scanners had when i got them. No further tuning was done since the graphics produced were...
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  • laserist's Avatar
    12-08-2019, 08:24
    laserist replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    That image is a time exposure of an image that has two nodes, but was rotating over time. (Where your example has three nodes, and stable) I was playing with the mark 6 looking for different "stuff". The mark 6 had six switches in a horizontal row over the beam tourquer knob The first three summed...
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  • Greg's Avatar
    12-07-2019, 22:07
    Greg replied to a thread CYGN-B in The Lounge
    Single scan pair... In which case I don't know how you did that. Did fm on an osc have an effect on the modulation signals provided BY that osc? For example, bottom osc is primary with am / fm by center osc. If then center osc fm depth is brought up, then top osc frequency modulates center,...
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  • kecked's Avatar
    12-07-2019, 19:58
    Look at the angle of projection. That looks like a fake to me. Isnít that like one of the tallest buildings. How did they project at that angle? Oh and itís on Windows so where is the back reflection....and what is the ufo in the top of the picture. And the other one on the left being hit by...
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  • Vectorfire's Avatar
    12-07-2019, 19:06
    Smells like a fed looking for someone to earn his pay for him.
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  • buffo's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 10:37
    Excellent point, Gary. I agree that the FB3 probably does not have much of a buffer, to say nothing of the firmware to sync to adjacent controllers at a per-point level of accuracy. Adam
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  • buffo's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 10:34
    buffo replied to a thread Ebay thread two in Buy/Sell/Trade
    Found this one this morning... A lot of four used Star Tech USB-over-Ethernet extenders, each with 4 USB ports, for a total of $130. Unfortunately it's just the receiver ends - no sending units. (Got an e-mail back from the seller confirming this). ...
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  • JohnYayas's Avatar
    12-06-2019, 04:07
    External sync is just a way to set the clock time. Once set, sending data accurately is easy. But, that means being able to store the data until the precise time to send it. If the FB3 doesn't have the buffer space and the firmware for it isn't written in a way to take advantage of such a thing...
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  • dkumpula's Avatar
    12-05-2019, 15:34
    ^^^ What aberry said ^^^ but . . add high quality glow in the dark paint and . .
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  • aberry's Avatar
    12-05-2019, 14:41
    That's an awesome build! 405nm is kind of disappointing in my opinion, except for glow-in-the-dark. Human M and L cone cells have a long tail in their response curves out towards 400nm, plus the S cone response is low to begin with in that part of the spectrum, so on its own 405 looks a bit...
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  • janelo's Avatar
    12-05-2019, 11:10
    I wasn't planning on putting the 405nm in a projector. I'm just curious how it looks in person. - Building a little module around a low powered 405nm diode would also definitely make for a fun evening. The 506s definitely look great - I'm sure they're well worth their money - but they still cost...
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  • dkumpula's Avatar
    12-05-2019, 07:40
    I do a lot of custom building with a focus on compact builds and high performing graphics. The Compact-506s with MachDSP amps and their 3.2A per channel PSU have the smallest footprint you can get for 40Kpps graphics. The 506's cost much more than what you put in there, but the ability to scan...
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