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  • Elmi's Avatar
    07-16-2020, 07:48
    Hi, I wonder if there are some resource available somewhere that describe how a galvo works in detail. The theory is clear for me: there are two lines for power where a +- voltage is feed into, depending on the polarity and voltage the galvo moves into one or the other direction. And there...
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  • Magi's Avatar
    07-24-2020, 15:20
    Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can answer some questions about music licensing for me. It's my understanding that if you're performing a beam show, you only need a performance license from BMI or ASCAP. The venue or location may have one already but if it doesn't, these can be attained quite...
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  • Cyranoo's Avatar
    07-18-2020, 00:40
    Hello, I am doing lissajous music using basic analog signal on a X+Y+Z axis basis, Z being the signal intensity. Until now, I was using analog CRT-based oscilloscope to render the signal. In order project to a wider audience, I need to record the screen of the oscilloscope to be able to...
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  • lulighttec's Avatar
    08-04-2020, 15:54
    Good Afternoon Everyone! I'm excited, and I hope you are as well! I wanted to communicate a few things to you so we can all get ready. My plan for the empty slot After Jason's set tonight at 9pm EST is to showcase *your* content, so now is the time to start assembling your pre-posted links and...
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  • afeudale's Avatar
    08-04-2020, 04:20
    Just got the Lasercube Venum and it's amazing how things have changed in less than 10 years! It's a "compromise" of sorts - i.e. 20k scanners, 1W @520nm (which is probably less than 1W), etc. But the portability & versatility definitely compensate for all that. One thing I'm stuck on: The...
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  • buffo's Avatar
    07-08-2020, 07:18
    Hey Everyone; I just got an alert E-mail from the EMS Division Director at the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control. He wanted all EMTs in the state to read and understand the significance of this recent CDC announcement: Link:...
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  • nmaddix's Avatar
    08-02-2020, 00:32
    I thought I posted a related thread about this a while back but can't find it. I'm coming up short trying to figure out what I need to do what I want. Long story short I want to program a laser show in Ableton Live, which will output MIDI commands to some kind of laser software to trigger clips....
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  • sirebral's Avatar
    07-19-2020, 11:38
    Hey all, I have a QM2000 board that I have been holding onto for some time now. I want to use it for a particular project that requires that I run it in a confined space and drive it with a laptop. I thought about using a USB/PCI converter, yet the power spec doesn't work out. Due to the...
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  • buffo's Avatar
    07-14-2020, 12:06
    Just got these in the mail today... Very happy! Adam
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  • Eidetic's Avatar
    07-16-2020, 08:52
    This old power supply comes from the mid-1960s. It's a model 160 He-Ne laser supply made by Optics Technology but rebranded to be sold by Atomic Laboratories of Berkeley, CA. Wish I had the head to go with it. I knew what it was when I saw the pic on Ebay because I saw the picture of the whole...
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  • Pangolin's Avatar
    07-24-2020, 20:21
    Another Beam Brush Graphic Show: We hope you enjoy! Bill
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  • absolom7691's Avatar
    07-14-2020, 18:42
    Major sad news about Grant. He was such a cool guy, friendly to his fans, and just really down to earth. He also seemed to really enjoy his work. He will be missed!
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  • lasingfox's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:55
    Hello, I am selling my first working argon ion laser named grumpy with only 1.47k hours on him. He came with an attachment for a blower hose which I have now replaced with a suitable >280CFM fan and added vibration isolation posts and random foam for a good seal. This laser is very hacked...
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  • AnjinMeili's Avatar
    08-04-2020, 18:42
    I picked up a bunch of fiber attached diodes and drivers. Have things mostly working right, but its time to start cobbling together a delivery fiber. Went shopping for 600 or 400um fiber cables with SMA905 connectors, and well... Letís just say my missus would have some words for me :). Thus...
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  • afeudale's Avatar
    Yesterday, 05:01
    Just got the LaserCube Venum (1W @ 520nm) and I messed up in the original order and only got the 20k scanners...(I think there is a 40k option). I have some 40k scanners in my Able Lasers AB-I system and they seem to be the same size. Are most scanners designed the same, in that I can just...
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  • carlos3621's Avatar
    07-16-2020, 20:15
    SOLD. For sale: FB4 DAC with Kvant enclosure. Has ethernet and DMX input and output. also includes Pangolin Beyond Advanced license. this kit costs approximately $2,500. selling for $1,300 usd. OBO. US shipping included, international shipping extra. i purchased new directly from...
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  • Pangolin's Avatar
    08-05-2020, 23:42
    You tell me!
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  • telmnstr's Avatar
    08-03-2020, 09:51
    Looking for a few of those lower end brass XY mirror mounts + mirrors (qty 2) and maybe 2 MM1/2 type mounts with mirrors. First is for a fun project, second is to mount a 2 watt dpss up to some DT40 galvos. Used, all in one transaction would be best! Anyone have?
    3 replies | 93 view(s)
  • nmaddix's Avatar
    08-04-2020, 01:44
    Looking to buy two lovingly used FB3s. I find them online for around $500 and that seems like a rip off. Buying used is the way to go as it helps someone out and as this is a nonprofit project. Preferably in Europe (ship to Amsterdam) but could also ship to the US and I can have someone forward....
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  • Eidetic's Avatar
    07-12-2020, 06:35
    Here's one that's really, really old. This RCA type TA2628R GaAs laser was made in February of 1969 according to the data sheet in the box. Looking through old publications, I found the "new product introduction" for it in The Laser Newsletter of December 1966, and the ad below in Laser Focus the...
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  • nmaddix's Avatar
    Yesterday, 06:58
    This is the cheapest source for Pangolin FB3 I can find. They claim the units are genuine Pangolin but it seems sketchy though. Anyone know if itís legit?
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  • ArgonAnimation's Avatar
    07-28-2020, 23:20
    *warn*warn*warn Is Your Laser Show Safe It was recently my pleasure to ask Roberta McHatton a few questions about laser safety... I posted the conversation here for all to see: Here are some of the questions:
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  • lasingfox's Avatar
    Today, 11:04
    i mean this is pretty much a 750W heater and less of a light source but here ya go. if I leave it on too long the wall behind it starts to smoke. also, please ignore my mess
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  • ArgonAnimation's Avatar
    08-02-2020, 23:10
    HOOKED ON LASER? Then you will love this... Download your free copy of the ArgonTV Magazine - August Edition and see great articles from:
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  • ArgonAnimation's Avatar
    08-04-2020, 20:42
    Looking for Solutions To Your Event Ideas Then your solution might just be here...
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  • edison's Avatar
    08-04-2020, 04:46
    Hello Guys I have some overstock of parts 1GB 4 port ethernetswitches,powersupplies (many brands, meanwell cui etc). I sell them because i don,t have no longer use for them and if it helps someone else their project then its all for the better. The ethernet switches are 125 euro for all 3...
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  • laserLips's Avatar
    08-04-2020, 06:09
    Hi everyone I baught LSX and an Etherdream DAC a long time ago. I used the software to make a show on the time line and a few abstracts but I never got round to pushing it through the laser using the DAC. The DAC is so far unused. I was wondering if I could sell this as a bundle to...
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  • ArgonAnimation's Avatar
    08-03-2020, 21:58
    I have never seen anything like this before.... And if you missed this last month, here is your chance to see it again!
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  • gagalight2011's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:14
    gagalight2011 started a thread SELLING : RGB24w laser bar in Buy/Sell/Trade
    Hi everybody, we sell rgb24w laser bar with promotion price now. each eyes is rgb4w, analog 100k modulation, 25kpps scanner. anybody wants to know more details, please contact us at any time. thank you.
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  • ArgonAnimation's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:14
    Laser Projections On Buildings Laser projections or laser mapping as it is also called is an incredible way to bring a building to life!
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