My Home Made laser projectors

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My 3 x 2.5w DIY (with Modified Laserwave modules) projectors.
Output power is (after scanner)
R: P73 := 650mw,
G: NDG7475 := 650mw,
B: Osram Pltb450b := 1200mw,
(LaserPower Meter: Hyperion Cuprum)

All laser module is Laserwave Oem pro (Bridge).
(The LW modules is upgraded G2 collimator and OPT cylindrical lens)
Dichroic and micro flex mounts Lasershowparts (Dave) and (Techood).
PT-30K Scanner (Omar).
Pangolin QS (Song)
Pangolin Beyond (Bill)
Window glass (Edmund optics and Laserwave)
Cylindrical lens OPT Laser
Diodes (DTR)
New scanner PSU (Stanwax)
Special thanks all seller and menber Buffo, Jors, Epyn.
  1. Two module side
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