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05-09-2005, 16:59
just got a new toy!


first i will show some pictures then my review:


red module (left) compared to my GLM-10 10-15mw green module (right) and a lealight (far right)

comparison to my 10-15mw green module

see the everything gallery for more pics

my overall impression of this unit is very good, it is in a very nice small box and packs a big punch for a red laser, it has the characteristic rectangular-ish dot most red pointers have, it is a nice cherry 650nm red and is comparable to a 5mw leadlight.
there was a shipping delay that was beyond the controll of either me or the seller but it did finaly get here so that was not the sellers fault, the unit was nicely packaged in bubble wrap and styro-peanuts

i dont have an output meter so i cant say how stable it is or what mw it is out putting but it seams about right. i opened it up and found the insides all nicely tucked away and secured with hot glue. a circuit board with some components and some kind of a regulator on an aluminum heatsink and then a ribon cable to another area near the exit point where the cable feeds into the diode and lense assembly which is mounted on an aluminum fin.

i would rate this a 9.2 for stability by eye, i cant say how stable it really is but it looks very crisp and doesnt gitter in brightness like some of my green lasers do. 8.0 for design because i dont think the heatsink on the driver board and diode are large enough since i can feel heat radiating out the bottom from the skrews that hold the heatsinks in place and a 9.8 for brightness, it is a very bright red laser and the beam can be visible like a green laser. overall, i would recomend if the seller puts any more up for auction to snatch one up

05-26-2005, 11:45
Hey Turtle

Are you from the planet Vulcan ? You dont need a laser meter;

i would rate this a 9.2 for stability by eye



10-24-2005, 19:06
sorry for the very delayed response, my computer aparently decided it would be funny to format my hard drive :x

yeah i need a laser meter but i always end up spending the money on more lasers and gadgets :twisted:

the beam *was* very stable.. i was fiddling with the drivers to see if i could modify them a bit and i broke one of the transistor doo-hickeys so now it doesnt wanna turn on, i gotta get a new one of those and bodge it on :?