View Full Version : for people going to UKLEM: i need 12x M2x5mm screws !

09-28-2010, 13:20
Hello all,

This is a cry for help for all people going to uklem9.
I have just finished packing and i need 12 screws size M2 length 5mm.
I have screws m2, but no nuts, else i could try to cut them down and unscrew a couple of screws to fix the thread.

So if anyone please please please has 12 screws m2 5mm long you are king !

I am leaving tomorrow so can't go some where to fetch some (and i don't know any places around here in the neighborhood, all starting m3 and higher.

Hope some one can help, see you all friday !

kind regards,

09-28-2010, 13:42
M2x6mm will fit also.;)

09-28-2010, 13:55
Don't spoil the surprise ! ;-)
But indeed 6mm would fit ok, but 10 is really way to long.

09-29-2010, 00:35
I can bring some but they will be stainless, is that ok for you Mr Hobby?

09-29-2010, 00:44
Hello Simon (and the rest ofcourse).

I just got a call this morning from the superduper Jem that he found some and will be bringing. But those weren't hex/allen screws but philipshead.
It's for mounting the pcb that holds the diode in the new blue modules.

Simon if you think you got any that's suitable please by all means bring along , does it matter if it's stainless when it's inside a housing ?
Maybe yours are allen/ hex type ?

I will be building more stuff, but can't really easily find those in the place where i live. Only M3 and higher we have here.
Can order but then i pay more postage then the screws cost !
So if you have them small buggers and can part of some...

But then i am sorted and hopefully we'll be seeing some blue this weekend (i am definately sure we'll see blue this weekend, now i want to see some blue from my own modules ;-)

If someone has some laser66 lenses spare for sale (albeit one!) then that would be golden ! Or another lens that doesn't protrude from the mounting block so far as my current (prolly High FL lenses).

OK, will be eating breakfast and then heading up to belgium.... don't know if i have a decent connection there, so else i will be reading the forum only tomorrow for the first time again on the boat.
PM's i can read fine on my blackberry (i receive those in my email) only answering is harder, since i have to go online and that is not always as fast as it's here in holland (3G).

Seeeee yaaaaaaa !!!!!

09-30-2010, 05:38
There is a local screw supply place up the road from Surfleet Sir Hoblett so if you do get stuck they may be able to help you out. They will be open tomorrow morning (Friday) and Saturday morning for that matter :)

09-30-2010, 05:54
There is a local screw supply place up the road from Surfleet

A knocking shop near Surfleet? Who would've thunk it...