View Full Version : Need Help in Cleveland with my build

12-12-2011, 06:11
so I have two of dr.lavas dual 445nm builds and I need help building them, Im having one hell of a time getting my beams tight & knife edging.... well I cant knife edge with out first getting proper beams... so if you live in the cleveland area and want to lend a hand message me please... or skype laserguy216

12-12-2011, 23:18
some remote assistance if i may, until someone drops by

1. before you mess with knife edging etc, make sure your beams are focused. this can be done by adjusting the aspheric collimator in that bronze barrel thingy
2. after you focus the beam at the desired distance, you need to rotate the barrel in its mount to get a vertical " | " beam coming out
3. now you can try to knife edge
4. after finishing with setting the knife edging mount, you can have a go with the cylinder lenses

hope it helps, until some actual help comes along