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11-21-2012, 20:08
Just about to re-energize an Eye Magic 4000 scanner and I noticed the +- power leads can plug into the amps either way and after carefully checking the board for any indication of the required polarity, I can't fin any. So, relative to some obvious feature such as the mounting base, which is + and which is negative? I'd hate to mess this up.

11-21-2012, 20:49

I can't remember the wire colors. But you can measurre from the 2x main caps there is parallel with the supply pins. First find the middel point, then meassure the + and the - from the caps to pins. Don't pos the wires wrong. Did have a client there reversed the supply wires. The driver was total destroyed, could not be fix again at eyemagic but the galvo still was ok. Hope you get them up and running again. I have 4 sets with 1900 driver for 5mm app. and still running perfect. Great scanners.

11-21-2012, 21:26
Hey Sire -

If you have the '1200' Amps, this should be correct:

35740 (ps - 'Apollo' is HB Laserkomponenten's 'rebranded' moniker for the EMS 4Ks.. :)

Also, IIRC, Red was +24, Yellow is -24 and Black was Com.. best-to x-verify against the PDF-info, tho, since I'm rather baked-tired, atm...lemme know if you have any other ??s - I can post-up an amp pic on the 'morrow.. Must. Sleep.. :p


11-21-2012, 23:26
Here is the manual if you haven't got it handy.

Also the little extended tab on the plugs faces towards the outside of the boards even though it can go both ways. That seem to be the convention with all the connections on the EyeMagic amps so its an easy way to remember. Not that its critical for the scanner signal inputs but it's been working for me.

Good luck

11-21-2012, 23:39
well, there seems to be no manual for the ema1900 amps, so all we are left with is the ema1200 manual


Jon, that;s a very interesting manual, thanks!

11-22-2012, 08:44
Thanks guys! I needed every link as there is some inconsistency between the J1 position in the Apollo manual and the Eye Magic manual and the diagram from LaNek779 helps to resolve this. Cross my fingers.

11-22-2012, 10:01
here is the same for the ema1900amps.

red is +, black is -, green is common


11-22-2012, 20:09
It worked! No smoke (unintended that is) or tears.