View Full Version : Help wanted. Dual drivers badpip needed

03-07-2013, 06:07
Hello guys

I need 3 dualdrivers from badpip. If anyone has 3 spare let me know. I,m happy to trade for parts or just for payment. Hope someone can help me out. All efforts of getting them directly already tried so i decided to post this thread of dispare.


03-07-2013, 09:20
Hi Johan,

I'm surprised, I ordered one via eBay on Sunday and It arrived today in the UK, no problem.

I bet its there very soon.


03-07-2013, 14:46
I hope so Tony, i need to finish some stuff so i can start building some 9 watt blue,s soon. Someone is waiting on those. I also need to build an 8 watt RGB projector if everything going as planned. Oh i finished the second one and i have now 2 of the heatsink based 3 watt,s that you have seen on the Lem. I only need to install a collorcorrection board :) As soon as i have the green 2.5 watt i can start building the Bigger brother:)