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07-06-2013, 14:14
thanks .MMMMM8888888

07-06-2013, 14:22
"If a photo of the wire I need would help I can post one." I can't imagine where posting a photo would waste any less of our time...

07-06-2013, 15:38
check cb microphone connectors...

A female plug -four holes and is used to input power for analog 473 Lab lasers-
I was give defective heads and PS/drivers but these did not come with the analog wire.
I need at least three of these and so far have not been able to find where these are sold.
I would think the first step in trouble-shooting/repairing these would be to see if the lase at all.
One driver had a fan that did not start when powered-all had a green LED inside that came on when the driver was plugged in.
the fans in the heads did work. If a photo of the wire I need would help I can post one.

I would appreciate any help with dealing with these.

07-06-2013, 22:00
N/M 15 -------------