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07-14-2013, 07:51
I have a CASA CTL-BP projector (ya I know a piece of crap) but good for messing around the house. The problem I'm having is the unit came to me with the beam shooting slightly to the right of the projector not straight ahead. Was no big deal just adjusted my QS settings and got things back on track. Well after this winter, got the unit back out and fired it up, to find the beam now shoots out to the right at about a 45 degree angle. So I opened the unit up and tried to adjust the servo mount which was at a angle was well but this didn't make things any better. Tried to contact CASA to get a schematic so I can adjust the trimpots on the Y axis, but they never responded to my email requests.
Has anyone ever had this problem or does anyone know how to adjust the trim pot's so I can get my beam back on track. I believe this is affecting my animation and making it look crappy.

Thank in advance Bob L.

07-22-2013, 03:04
Not that i am an expert at this, but it seems that the servo might be out of position, and that loosening the bolt and realign to center. Make a single dot beam frame with QS and align from there. If the graphics looks crappy after that, adjustment of the scanner controllers might be in place. Often the board itself is marked with what pot is what. Hopefully in your case as well. There are several guides in the forum on how to do this.

Good luck