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07-15-2013, 04:24
Greetings All,

I have been having trouble finding a DAC to purchase. I would appreciate anyone who can help me spend my money to get a DAC in my projector. I am looking at $300 or less for a budget. I am using LSX so it will need to be compatible with that software. Here is what I have tried purchasing already.

Etherdream - Have tried PM Jacob, tried purchasing from website 3 different times, tried purchasing from http://hacylon.case.edu. I have not received any responses to let me know if this product even exists anymore but my bank keeps returning my money, so I am figuring at this point they are out of stock.

RIYA Multibus - tried purchasing from http://hacylon.case.edu. Bank returned money. I already own LSX so I am not interested in the bundles sold on Ebay for this DAC. Did not PM Dr. Lava (Andrew) yet.

OLSD DAC - I have arduino I have a shield I built that is mostly equivalent to cfavreau. Problem is I can not get LSX to recognize the Arduino with cfavreau's firmware. I think the problem is my computer gives the arduino a different hardware description than what LSX is looking for. May investigate more but was hoping for a tested and approved DAC so that when I do finish the OLSD I have something to compare to.

Sound Card DAC - Not interested in going down this road. Sorry.

EasyLase USB - Was hoping to get an Ethernet port. So I have not really investigated if these are in stock.

Mocha.Net - Could not find a US distributor on their website.

Black Mamba - Doesn't look like it has an Ethernet Port but honestly have not really investigated this DAC as much as others.

My intent of this thread is not to make anyone look bad or complain that I can not get a DAC. I really am looking for help here. I have money in my pocket to spend and a projector with no DAC. Is this the time of year new versions of DACs come out? Should I be waiting for SELEM to purchase because there will be new DACs with better features? Any help anyone can give me about any of the DACs in the list would be greatly appreciated. PM me if you have an extra DAC you would like to sell. Jacbo or Andrew if you have an Etherdream or RIYA you would like to sell PM me please.

07-15-2013, 07:40
I sent you a PM and will ask the question here.

I know LSX works with Pangolins QM2000 but, does it work with the FB3? Anyone?

07-15-2013, 07:46
it does not..

pangolin continues to not release the mythical FB3 SDK.

I sent you a PM and will ask the question here.

I know LSX works with Pangolins QM2000 but, does it work with the FB3? Anyone?

07-15-2013, 08:26
Ok. Thought that might be the case. Sorry to get your hopes up Salty... :(

You might look into the Phoenix package for $382 from Goldenstar Lasers. I believe it uses a Netlase DAC which works over ethernet.

07-15-2013, 14:53
OK let me look into Netlase DAC. But would that work with LSX? Anyone know?

Anyone know if the Etherdream bundle with LSX, and Laser Cam from innolaser on Ebay is still active? Looks like you can still "Buy Now". I would hate to have to buy a second unnecessary license of LSX just to get a DAC. But the laser Cam software would be nice to have as an addition.

07-15-2013, 15:01
guy here from Slovakia is selling (in euro):

i sho - 50e (probably iShow)
FSX1 - 90e (not sure what this one is)
moncha pro - 190e
fiesta1 - 280e


moncha and fiesta should work with LSX, i can confirm moncha, because i used it with LSX myself

07-15-2013, 16:14
I actually would not mind using a moncha pro. Any idea how I can order one from the US. I was not able to find a US distributor for their product. Do you have a direct email for the "guy" selling them in Slovakia that you could PM me? Think he would sell to me in the US?

I can see one moncha pro and one moncha.net on ebay however the pro is $400 and the .net is almost $600. 190e is a steal in comparison even if the shipping is another 30e. Does he also sell the moncha.net? That would satisfy the want (not need) of ethernet.

07-15-2013, 19:47

the Netlase will work with LSX. Dr. Lava is using the Jmlaser.dll and can access Easylase II and Netlase. Also the new Netlase LC which will be finished in about 2 Month ( 300 Euro, 6 Colorchannels , 50 Kpps, DMX )
After exchanging the jmlaser.dll against the new one this Card will also run with LSX and Mamba.

07-15-2013, 20:52
I too, will confirm that Moncha will work with LSX and would be a great addition since there are probably close to 100 shows available for it. I didn't suggest it since my sources looked to be more than your budget. Worth the extra money and the price above seems good.

07-15-2013, 23:39
Hi Salty, while all others comments are helpful, I do still have your order on the books, it just needs to be processed. The bank released a 'hold' on the funds but the funds weren't withdrawn or returned although it may have appeared that way due to the hold. Unless you say otherwise, I'll follow through with the order in a day or two!