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07-22-2013, 00:51
Hello from Oslo!
My vacation starting today, and of course i have to do something enlightning. I figured out i wanted to rebuild my Beamz cheapo laser, but of course run into problems before I even start.
It looks like the thing does not follow any standards, and i therefore need the help of the excellent forum members.

The Beamz box have a red and green module, 3 pcs stepmotors and make some sort of lines and geometrical figures. Quite boring. I have a set pf PT20 scanners with a PT ITrust showcard that I am planning to use instead of the stepmotors and controller onboard today.

First problem that arises:
Red module only have 2 wires attached. (Power)
Green module have 6 wires attached. (power and What.) This is the one i want to reuse at the moment, and then add a 200mW 405mn TTL i have at a later stage.
Why 6 wires for the green module?

If anyone can figure out the wiring and lead me in the right direction, i highly would appreciate it!



In the picture of the controller board the green module are attached to:
1. Pinout on the right side marked Green with black and red wire (Power DC 3.6 volt)
2 .Marked: RL ( Red/ Black wire - no idea, and while in use, nothing happens when detached DC 10 volt)
3. Marked: NTC( Black /yellow no idea, and while in use, nothing happens when detached AC at unknown voltage )

Red module DC 3,6 volt only

07-24-2013, 13:43
My guess is the extra wires on the green are for the TEC. One pair is power for the diode, another is power for the TEC, the last pair is a feedback loop for the thermistor, to control the TEC voltage. I have no clue which wire is what. Just a guess.

Looks like you have one driver board for the two lasers. Can you determine the input voltage of the modulation (signal) wires? Are they TTL or analog? If they're standard, you could keep the driver board and toss out the DMX board, otherwise you could go with a Badpip or a Flexmod or whatever alternative comes up for the red. The green will be more complicated though...

Also, those scanners look quite retarded :P Such big a mirror would seriously slow down the scan speed! Ah, China...

07-26-2013, 02:04
I guess you are right about your answer, but honestly, i did not understand much. My bad understanding of electronics. And yes, the scanners, are just cheap steppers, and the main reason for rebuilding. the darn thing. I probably order a couple of modules with TTL and some dichros. I already have a set of PT20K scanners to throw inside.
I found this litte green thing that looks OK for som beams with the chassis:

07-26-2013, 03:22
Do you plan to keep on using the existing modules? Or replace the green and keep the red?
I recommend that if you buy a new module, go with analog. Except for the price, there's no reason to go with TTL. You will curse yourself if you don't go with analog and want to upgrade your lasers...

It should be possible to use the existing modules with their driver board. The two yellow/black wires are the modulation signal wires. Normally you can connect this to the PT-ITrust card. I'm 80 % sure it will work. I believe the showcard produces analog signals though, so I'm not sure how good the result will be...

A TEC (Thermo-electric cooling) or Peltier element is a semiconductor that, when current flows through it, heats up on one side and cools down at the other side. By regulating the current, the temperature at the cool side of the element can be precisely controlled. A temperature sensor (mostly a thermistor) measures the temperature and produces a current that is dependent on this temperature. The driver adjusts the current of the TEC according to the current from the thermistor. Don't detach these wires if you want your laser to last :P
There exists hobbyist-grade drivers that can do this (Die4Chill ea), but you need to fiddle around with the current conversions to get to the best spot: the crystals inside the green laser require a very precise temperature for optimal results. For this reason it's best to keep on using the original driver board.

My suggestion is, try to get a Badpip dual driver or two Flexmods if you can, get a red and blue diode, put them in an aixiz module, get an analog green module and forget about the old lasers altogether...

07-29-2013, 08:59
Thanks again for a good and educational answer. I have pretty much given up this project, and used my time putting together a new basic blue laser. I had a 200mW 405 TTL in my "justincase". It works fine, but the 405 have its limitations regarding colour and effect.
In the same case i also have a nice red 650 250mW "industrial" laser that only have a 5V powercord and powersupply. No driverboard on this one.
I also have a quite powerful 532 greene, but this is ment to be a pointer. (Brassmodule).
And now for the next neewbee question:
Is it possi ble to use these for a showlaser, given i provide cooling (heatsinks) and a proper driverboard. (like this one: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Promotion-New-Laser-Diode-Driver-for-808nm-532nm-660-nm-TTL/547609467.html )

Or is this a lost case?
I like fiddeling around with low cost "gadets" and make them work, and do cool stuff.

07-29-2013, 09:12
That driverboard isn't "proper" :P It's TTL as well. It lacks the TEC driver circuit, and can you even modulate red and green separately?
I don't know about the green laser, but the red one should be reuseable.

08-01-2013, 23:19
OK, I`ll se what i can do with the existing driverboard also. Thanks again.