View Full Version : Somebody STOLE my laser software dongle !!! what do I do?

02-14-2015, 09:11
I have Mamba Black with my 2 Pluto lasers at a club downtown, they have been there the last year now.
But yesterday the Manager (who is controlling lasers and lights) was away for 4 minutes while the DJ was still playing side by side of the laser computer.
And when he comes back the computer was moved and the dongle was out.

I don't know if it was an accident with some drunk people, or if somebody actually stole it.
The DJ did not notice anything, but tell me that there was a girl earlier the same night trying to remove something from his DJ-Computer, maybe to stop the music etc..

Anyway, tonight there was supposed to be lasers at the club, but without the dongle there is no hope.

I`m going to send a e-mail to Medialas, but dont know if they send out new dongle.

I know Mamba Black is old, but for this reason it`s cheap and safe to rent out when I am not there and I need it as backup.

02-14-2015, 10:24
Traditionally, its the customers responsibility to ensure hired equipment is safe and adequately covered by appropriate insurance whilst on hire.
Presumably the venue has insurance for all the equipment installed, so it should just be a case of making a claim. However, it might be cheaper for them to simply pay for the missing dongle as it's likely cheaper than any excess due, and won't mess up their claim history.

02-14-2015, 14:18
well yes the money is not the biggest issue.
The problem is more like how do I get my lasers up and going asap !!

I have MIII, but I do need both, problem is that I fear that I will not get any hand on Mamba Black anymore, and maybe have to pay double to get another software :\

02-14-2015, 14:27
As I said, it's down to them to replace it. If MB is no longer available then it'll need to be with something that is, regardless of cost.

02-16-2015, 05:16
It probably should be a sticky on PL. DJs visiting clubs swipe dongles looking for cool mixes. They think they are getting a USB stick.

I feel your pain.

BTDTGTS. Lost a dongle more then once. Now if I go into the field, a Dongle will have a long red "remove before flight" tag on it made for aircraft and will never be left alone.

If you have to, and the dongle has the hole on it, stick a steel cable on it and screw it to the PC. Crimp on fittings for 1/16th steel cable are common at hardware stores for Garage doors. I don't know many casual thieves who keep Phillips screwdrivers or Cable Cutters in their pockets.


02-16-2015, 06:03
Hey Liteglow,

If you can't source something locally let me know as I have a copy of Mamba Black that I don't believe was ever used. I just looked and its listed as v1.00.00, dating to 2007 (a lifetime ago in software terms!). I had another copy of Mamba that I updated to Mamba 2 and III over the years, so this copy went unused.