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03-07-2015, 19:47
Hi guy, I bought this board on ebay to attempt to build a small green projector i realize the laser has a 0-5v signal input and i have bought dt40 pro scanners. this board come with all cables etc, i'm not concerned about dmx,mic just connection for fb3. So the question is what hooks up where. Thanks in 46514advance

03-07-2015, 23:44
dmx in? shouldn't there be like an rs485 transceiver chip? lol and look at that 32 mhz crystal. what the hell is this thing? are there chip markings under that sticker?
do ribbon cables that go to db25 connectors go to the black headers?

if u just want ilda in you can bypass this whole dmx board, add the db25 connector if it doesn't have one. where are the rest of your parts? do you want the fb3 inside? like just usb or memory card?

03-08-2015, 03:27

This is what should have come with the board:


The important bit for you is the bit on the left which are the ILDA in/out interface parts. As you can see there are 2 PCBs with ribbon cables attached which plug into the black box headers on the card. Given the Box headers are only 20 pins, they are not likely to be 1 - 1 pin outs for the 25W D-connectors so you will need the PCB parts to interface between the ILDA connector and the show card.

I would also suggest you need the bit on the right as the switches are what tell the card what to do (eg select ILDA or DMX input).

Hope this gives you an avenue of enquiry to follow.

03-08-2015, 04:02
As you are saying there are a lot of cables following the card.
I second in on WolfMax`s guess in what comes with it.

It looks like it is the PT showcard, and from memory:
You need to hook up the dipswitches in order to work
You also need to either hook up a DB9 plug - turnkeyswitch for the interlock - or just shorten the output with a jumper on the card if you don`t want to use the security option.
and the DB25`s for he ILDA cable.

Then it should work.

03-08-2015, 11:39
Yes it came with all the wires shown in the pic, however no instruction, all i need is ilda correct i will have my fb3 sitting by laptop so no it will not be inside the projector

03-08-2015, 12:54
if you are just using your fb3 there is no reason to use the it is just 1 more point of failure

you can just wire directly to a db25 or if you cant solder use one of these


03-08-2015, 14:01
it is probably the same as this (se attachment)

03-08-2015, 17:03
OK, Just to clarify, if i do use the card the +15/-15 volt input of the card can com from scanner power supply? also considering this is just a green projector will i hook the 0-5V to the green modulation or intensity? and will the card regulate the power from say 15v down to the 0-5v that's needed for the input sig on the laser power supply. The reason i'm asking is i say its a small green projector but the truth is it a 9 watt green laser and i DO NOT want to burn something up because of my stupidity as u can imagine.

03-08-2015, 18:28
the color signal the fb3 sends over ilda will be 0-5 volt. http://www.laserist.org/StandardsDocs/ILDA_ISP99_rev002.pdf

the scanner power, and other rail voltages have nothing to do with the inputs since they are all generated by the fb3, or other ilda source, as well as the funky dmx board which i guess would work as a handy breakout if you are using pin header connections to your scan amp and diode driver.

03-08-2015, 19:41
Ok, thanks guys been a GREAT HELP!!!