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03-17-2015, 05:09
I need help to connect modules laser and galvos (X - Y) to card STANWAX.
I him attach images marked with numbers and letters, in order that you could say the correct form of connection to me.

Modules it has two PIN (+-) as color (6 in total three colors), but the card STANWAX has 8 PIN.
Galvos (PT-40k) take three PIN (Black-White-Red) as an axis (X - Y) total 6 PIN, but the card STANWAX has 5 PIN.

Other one doubts that I have it is if I must connect the connection INTENSITY in some site.
Do you think that this card is more suitable than PT-iTrust?
I use PT-iTrust but I think that it is starting failing.



Thank you very much in his time.
Best Regards.

Juan Manuel Montiel

03-17-2015, 07:14
For the colors it`s quite stright forward. On Stanwax board The 1 and 2 is not used if you don`t have mechanical blancking (I did not use this.) The rest of the colours are corresponding the PT card.

As for the Galvos, i am not a 100% shure, but from my mind, i seem to recall i did have to make Grounding common for both X and Y (The Black wire) and then use X-red the positive(+) and white on either side for the corresponding X and Y.

You can switch this if you want to in order to mirror the output. Nice if you have two Projectors and only one DAK.

03-17-2015, 10:14
Thank you very much for the help.
I will try with this configuration.

Best Regards.