View Full Version : Loving the Laser - Help me find my Blue: laser blue is not on projected image

06-11-2015, 19:38
It's in the Quickshow window but not on the screen.

I see it there in the laser but not coming out with the
Red, Yellow and Green.

I put the setting on RGB

Thanks so much - So excited about my projects!
Very similar to Kaki King - "The Neck is a Bridge to the Body"

Here are the specs for laser
Voltage: AC85 - 265V 50Hz-60Hz
30 W
G200mW,R500mW, B300mW
30Kpps scanner system
ILDA, stand alone music active DMX512: 13 channnels
Fan system
amp body size : L450xD340xH120
weight: 5Kg

06-11-2015, 19:55
I suspect based on what you have described that the alignment inside the projector is probably off. I'm also guessing based entirely on the powers you listed that perhaps this is a cheaper projector of Asian origin. That means that the mounts inside for mirrors and dichro's may not be of great quality and sometimes are held together with glue. I've seen mirrors that have fallen off inside the projector or even mounts that have come loose. Your blue beam is probably just shining somewhere else inside the case and you need to get it back in line with the red and green.

I would carefully remove the cover and study where the blue is actually going. You may need to re-glue something or, give something a twist to get it back in line. The answer should prove fairly easy to determine once you take the lid off. Where on this spinning planet do you happen to be located. Maybe there is a forum member close by that can help you if your apprehensive about trying to tackle it yourself. It shouldn't be difficult though.