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06-12-2015, 17:27
My existing laser projectors (A) have both RJ45 and Dsub25 pin inputs for ILDA signals that come from an FB3 or DAW.

Need to make 50 ft cables to run two new laser projectors (B) from a different manufacturer to project from the other side of a dome. These projectors ONLY have Dsub25 pin, in and out connections.

Found what seems like some good shielded cat5 cable, copied the pin configuration from the (A) projector to new 25 pin connectors, tested continuity 80 times, but (B) projectors have no imagery.

(B) projectors work fine with short 25pin off the shelf extension cables. (A) projectors work fine with my new long 25pin connectors.

Do I need to short some extra pins to ground on the new long 25pin cables?

I did merge the 1 spare internal wire to the shield wire for added ground insurance.

Attached photos of cable specs and projector A 25pin to cat5 connector.

Thanks for any insights


06-12-2015, 19:06
ok, first off you need to run grounds to pin 18-19-20 that are corresponding to the RGB lines on pins 5-6-7. The next thing you might need is the Interlock pins(4 and 17).

06-13-2015, 00:43
Ok, Thanks I'll give that a try.

Steve Milani
06-13-2015, 13:46
This is what you need (I hope...:) )