View Full Version : E-Stop Remote or cable extension (length limit?)

07-22-2017, 14:29
Good evening!

I'm seeking an advice on how to handle my Kvant's e-stop, as I will have my booth positioned far from stage with Audio guys, which leads to need of at least 30 meters of cabling.

As far as I've researched, ILDA cabling is still OK on 30 meters without any noticeable interference, although naturally CAT5 adapter would be more suitable. However, how about the E-Stop remote cable? Its basically DMX 512 cable, so it should be fine over this distance, but how and where to get an extension of the cable (Europe/Czech Republic or United Kingdom, Germany worst case), as it came with only 10 meter cable in the Kvant box?

Or is there a wireless remote Stop/Go button for the Kvant Clubmax 1800 (2016) that could be used instead? (close to no wifi in the location, all audio gear will be cabled)

Thanks for reading & any advice!

Rudimentary drawing of stage setup:

07-23-2017, 16:27
The clubmax estop is a current loop, so you should be fine over hundereds of meters and type of cable isnt that critical. You should be fine using UTP.

I have used over around 100m of mic cable in the past, but tested over longer distances in the shop.

Hope this helps