View Full Version : DZ Advanced Laser Router Assistance needed.

07-24-2017, 22:20
Ok, so I bought this expensive piece of equipment and have only used it as a basic splitter ONE time and I want to put this thing to work but don't know much about it. Has anyone used one and become familiar with it? I have a gig it would be perfect for but I doubt I have time to actually figure it out unless someone can walk me through it. Anyone know how to "Rock" this thing and want to help a brother out?

07-25-2017, 03:55
DZ is the only one I know. I have two and Buffo has two, dkumpula has one so, between us we have 60% of the ones in existence and haven't used it for anything beyond a basic splitter either. I got DZ to get Touch OSC on my tablet and get the two to talk briefly at FLEM a couple years back but, never got it working at home after that. It can do some amazing things but yes, there is a learning curve.

07-30-2017, 12:04
If you come to SELEM, you can see how I use my router with DMX to control a bunch of projectors off just one controller. :)
Well, come to think about it, if you come to SELEM you can also speak with David and Ed (the creators of the Advanced ILDA Router) and ask whatever questions you want...

For a good overview, have a look at the resource pages on DZ's website:


That second link (using the router with Beyond) is very helpful... That's exactly how I use it. I use Beyond to send the DMX commands to the router. Mostly I use it for projector chases, but you can do tons of other effects too. Be sure to download the Pangoscript files for Beyond that DZ has on his site. They're a great way to get started.