View Full Version : Wobbly DT30 Scanner?

12-17-2017, 09:55
Have a pair of GS projectors with DT30 scanners and pretty low hours. As of late one of the projectors has been giving a shaky/wobbly output. Friend advised it could be a grounding issue with scanner but don't know for sure.

Important to note that there is no real flickering of the image..just slight distortion and wobbling.

Anyone had this issue before with DT30?
video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2uYgmG4ahE&list=PLaMyklfMnD1DrKueERsa5PLLEqIFDVU1W&index=16

12-17-2017, 22:01
Looks like a loose connection somewhere. Could be a ground or one of the other signal wires. Normally a grounding issue will give you patterned distortion. This looks very irregular. I also notice that the image seems to "correct" itself at points. So, possibly a bad ground that is barely making contact. You could try agitating the signal wires, if it is a bad connection, cold solder joint, or broken wire, you would be able to tell. As far as grounding goes, to ensure you have the best ground wiring scheme, check out this grounding diagram:


12-18-2017, 19:09
known from DT that sometimes the Scannercable are broken. Looks in your Video the the Problem is more on X-Axis. Please swap the cables
and test again. ( both Ends !! )