View Full Version : Mount a LAB type power supply

11-05-2007, 06:48
Hi all, Im trying to shift a laser with a Lab style power supply, but in case I dont, how can I mount it in the laser case?

It has not screw holes....


11-05-2007, 06:57
Bolt L shaped profiles to the base plate drill with holes in the vertical flanges. Use tyraps to strap the psu in place. To stop them from potentially sliding I used duoble sided tape of the foamy rubber type inbetween base plaet and PSUs.

11-05-2007, 09:48
Personally I would remove the cover, to find three to four areas in the case that you wouldn't have an issue with bolts hitting any electronics. Then drill and tap holes that would allow you to just bolt it down. I have use plenty of zip-style ties in my day, but I just dont entirely trust them, especially when it means there could be a several pound weight knocking into dichroics, lasers, or your scan head...

dream beamz
11-18-2007, 06:17
I have a big lab power supply for my CNI 1 watt, so i wouldnt void the "warranty" I didnt cut the power cord (i used the other end from an extension cord. also so i didnt void the warranty on opening the PS to mount it, i used 4 industrial zip ties and mounted it to the top of the case

11-18-2007, 08:43
Apparently cutting the cord doesnt void the warranty.

11-18-2007, 11:47
I just have a hard time thinking about plastic zip ties holding down something that in itself is really expensive, let alone everything around it. I know others have done so successfully, but I would probably fabricate a metal housing that would secure it down before using zip ties.