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12-27-2007, 03:30
this is just a general question.

where could you get a dmx and program it your self. say i built a simple scanner and just wanted it to run on a dmx not a DAC, program it to display laser-man.co.uk.

how??? where?? cost???


12-27-2007, 09:13
DMX is really a control protocol rather than a means of sending data. On the cheap DMX controlled projectors that you see from China - like your dropped one from the other week - there is a DMX decoder onboard that will provide digital or analogue output depending on the control signals it gets from the DMX control desk or software. If then the projector has a card in it with pre-programmed content such as shapes and graphics, you will be able to digitally select them using DMX control but not actually create and transmit that content.
What you need is a device with a DAC and a flash memory capability that can store the frame(s) you want to display. You can then cue it with DMX if you want - or any other control signal (its a lot of bother to use DMX for just turing one thing on and off - when you could just run a wire and a switch). Such a device is available on the market to buy. Its called a flashback 3 :)


12-27-2007, 09:39
If you have the FB3 you can program anything you want and trigger it with DMX. Assuming you have the DMX daughter board.

12-27-2007, 10:58
Correct me if im wrong - as I dont own one - but doesnt the fb3 have other trigger inputs which could utilise an external DMX decoder signal or as I said, just a wire and a switch.


12-27-2007, 13:46
yeah im with you rob.

but i want to use my fb3 and i thought a dmx is cheaper than a dac at £300

Dr Laser
12-27-2007, 13:57
DMX is a simple control language.
Maximum it can do is: fixture 1 turn left 20 steps then right 30 steps then rotate a gobo wheel 3 steps and etc. It has no memory or logic. But it can be used to transmit a new firmwere to the fixtures. Thats all. It's just not fast enough to transmit anything meaningful in real time. Like stanwax said. You need something like FB3.

12-27-2007, 14:00
ok well it was just a question.

just another rubbish idea ;)

i have an fb3, but i want to use that for shows

12-27-2007, 14:11
the only way to do it otherwise would be to have some embeded control with the output you want preprogrammed and have this output to some dac chips - all in all if you were familiar with such devices like atmel or pic micros than it woul dbe resaonably straight forward but if you are not its probly too much hassle.


12-27-2007, 14:12
to much hassle LOL

Dr Laser
12-27-2007, 15:28
There are a lot of DMX USB controllers and a lot of softwares as well. There are even a free ones. I mostly use Martin Light Jockey.