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02-01-2009, 11:41
hiya all

just a question about my fb3. i have hooked it up to all of my projectors and it works on all of them except for one. when i hook it up to my rgb made by pinkem it totally crashes the program and my pc.
its very strange and im wondering if anyone has a way of solving this. i have been having a few other problems with this projector that seem to be power issues (the intensity contol channel has 2v even though the colour is not being asked for on the green channel) and was wondering if this was the problem.

cheers ollie :D

02-01-2009, 12:32
i would keep you fb3 away from that projector sound like its faulty and back feeding power down the ilda socket get a multi meter and with the projector on put com on pin 25 and test pins 1,2 5,6,7 for any voltage coming back out of the projector if there is it could kill your fb3

02-01-2009, 13:09
cheers mate
im pretty sure its this causing the problem. it has a dmx board setup in it too and i think its this on one of the microchips so im going to rewire the blanking directly to the db25 connection and im pretty sure that will solve this. still dont know it will stop it from faulting the fb3 though.
ill post on here if this solves it. i was thinking it may be something else though. at first i had a similar fault with my fb3 when the power supply i had was a foreign one. i got a convertor to a gb plug and it was stalling all the time. i decided to buy another power supply and try and it worked.

strange. the only thing i can think is that the fb3 thinks about every calculation and if there is anything untoward just shuts the usb connection off. the problem this causes is the program to stop operating as it uses the interface to start the program. this in turn crashes my computer.
dont know about this but im guessing this is whats going on.

any other info on this would be great as my old dac controls this laser no problem but its a much cheaper dac.

cheers ollie