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03-30-2009, 18:36
Can anyone tell me were to find laserwave lasers from?
I found CT lasers,I was just wondering if there was any other place to find them?
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03-30-2009, 18:56
Unless you decide to fabricate your own, I DEFINITELY recommend sticking with authorized dealers for your lasers and controllers!

For LaserWave lasers, CT Lasers is probably about the best place to shop stateside! He's an authorized dealer, AND he has special pricing for PL members! :)

Marc, aka "gottaluvlasers" here on the forum, is the one to contact!

There's also LaserShowParts in Australia ("Dave" and "Aijii"), and Rob ("Stanwax") in the UK.

They're all good folks with good products, and very helpful!
I have personally done business with both Dave and Marc, and have been very pleased on all counts!

03-30-2009, 19:30
I have received great deals and wonderful service from dave/aijii of Lasershowparts.com and from Marc, gottaluvlasers of CT Lasers. I have to recommend Marc because he is states-side, shipping is much cheaper, and it is much eaiser for him to go above and beyond in his customer support. :cool: If there happens to be any issue after you purchase the laser; Marc has bent over backwards to provide extrordinary service and turn around time to minimize any down time for my projector. *retardo Usually little to none. ;)

03-30-2009, 20:04
Ok Thanks!!!