View Full Version : 15Pin To 25pin Problems!

08-02-2009, 05:37

I am trying to control a laserworld pro-1500G projector from a chamtech PM25 controller, I have made a converter cable from the 15pin output skt on the PM25 to a 25ilda plug but can not get an output from the above projector but when I use the lead on a home built projector all works ok???

I have linked out the interlocks A B (pin 4 & 17 in the ilda plug) but still no joy! Does this loop require a set ohm value in which a resistor must be placed between pin 4 & 17 instead of a solid link???

Please help......

P.S I know "laserworld"!! but this projector is just to provide a beam show whilst projecting a graphics show on my kvant 1.6W RGB projector.

Carl B
08-02-2009, 08:28
With my self also being an owner of a PM25 was hoping to help you out but this sounds like an issue with your laserworld projector and not the desk. All you need of pins 7-14 is a wire link as you just need to short them out to overcome any interlocks. Dose the desk work with the Kvant?