Test Group

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  1. buffo
    I'm in! Not sure what the group function is for, exactly, but I'm willing to play with it...
  2. platinum
    I am so number 4.
  3. buffo
    Better than number 2, right Johnathan?
  4. allthatwhichis
    Nice, three messages in and we already don't make sense.
  5. allthatwhichis
    I must say thanks to soforene for leaving his avatar for more than one day. we are still waiting on the high definition copy, without the cat.
  6. 300EVIL
    Not exactly sure what this is but I'll post here anyway.
  7. allthatwhichis
    Neither do we... I made it and don't know that it is. :S
  8. buffo
    6 laserists in here, and all we can talk about is soforene's avitar?
  9. allthatwhichis
    What? I like cats... and female breasts. I say cats first because, today, it is a cat. Hopefully tomorrow, it will be a female breast.
  10. buffo
    He's already done a female breast. My guess is that the next one will be something abstract - maybe a giant mechanical spider or something.
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