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  1. dsli_jon
    Hey Randy! -

    Cool pix! Thanks for posting...

    Quote: "Lots of residual "sheen" from the slate gray netting at the distance I was using - about 15 feet from projector to scrim, and slightly less than that from scrim to the camera tripod. Interesting, but..."

    Tip: Try getting 'under' the scrim / off-to one side as much as possible... if you have good 'fog' / atmosphere, you'll still 'catch the rays' / get that great 'pass-thru' effect, even at close distances...

    ie: See HERE, with this 'quickie' for Laserman Pat... ...WAY-less than 10-15', but BELOW the 'sheen angle'... And see the other pix posted, in the 'gallery', here?... note that (yes, granted, they were all taken from > 10' away ) they are all taken at pretty good 'OFF-parallel' angles...

    Just a friendly tip...

    Again, thanks for posting, and keep 'em comin' guys!
  2. Stuka
    Gotcha -

    Next round, I'll raise the projector tripod, lower the camera tripod, and see how that works!!

    Thanks for the ideas!!
  3. LaserWizard
    Hey Guys, I just found out there are "groups" on PL - this is a great idea! I have always kept some sharkstooth scrim around for when I have the opportunity to do a scrim show... but this skeeta skrim stuff looks far superior! Sharkstooth tends to yellow with age... and mine is pretty old! Now I gotta get some skeeta scrim ... always something else to spend money on. But it is not too expensive, right? - Tim
  4. dsli_jon
    Hey Tim!

    Great to see you here - how cool you joined!

    "...but this skeeta skrim stuff looks far superior!...Now I gotta get some skeeta scrim "

    Yeah, I have consistently been blown-away by the great 'balance' of nice, clean, crisp graphics you get, while-allowing a LOT of 'audience-pleasing' atmos thru...(as I am sure you can-see from the few pix posted, as samples...) makes for a nice 'double-whammy'

    (continues.... just learned that these 'groups' now-have a 1000-char-limit on posts!

  5. dsli_jon
    (part 2...

    ...But a 'bit of advice', since I know you do many outdoor gigs - if you have David @ 'Skeeta' make you anything for outdoor-use, regardless of how-you choose to 'rig' it (ie: with 'scissor-lifts', like we typically-do, etc, etc...) I'd heartily recommend our 'battle-tested' design (detailed HERE) for stitching, pockets, and - especially - the corner-reinforcements... just some 'seasoned, field-wisdom' from your laser-pal / fan... ...INdoors, is less of a 'concern', for making-sure to get the 'extra-reinforcements' / double-stitching, etc...

    But, for us, it has-been 'worth-it' just going-ahead and paying what 'little-xtra' it is for those 'reinforcements', then, you have various-sizes, ready-to-go, for either in-or-out-door gigs...

    (to-be-continued, again...
  6. dsli_jon
    (3 of 3...)

    "...But it is not too expensive, right? ..."

    hah! - are you 'sitting down'? does ~$400. + shipping, sound - for a 20 ' x 30'? (!!!) (and that is for our 'reinforced-design'-
    version...) that price, you'd almost think these were 'made in China'!

    I 'distinctly' remember paying ~$11-1200. for our 20'x30' fiberglass-mesh scrim... and, unless you're pumping a 171 or Sabre, the fiberglass 'eats-up' waaaay-more light than this-stuff....In fact, I'd opin, that with the skeeta, even a 'purelight'-show looks nearly 'effectively AS-bright', as a 171-show with the fiberglass...

    So, gimme a call sometime if ya wanna chat details, questions, etc... I know you are very busy between gigs and ILDA-conf-planning, but I also know that, I (at least) can 'talk faster than I can type!'...

    Anyhoo, KIT...
  7. LaserWizard
    OK, I got a skeeta scrim from David last year, have used it for a few shows. What I notice is - it seems to act as a diffraction grating, and concentrate the light in a couple of directions, so say if I project an abstract, it will have "hot stripes" in the image. So the screen is not perfect, but still highly useful. I will try and post a picture here of what I mean.

    We made a frame for the screen to hold it tight and flat, it really helps.

  8. dsli_jon
    hey Tim!

    ..Long time.. re: 'diffraction' fx, Yes, especially the white.. 'Severity' depends on the 'viewing-angle' of the scrim-to-projector... Also, the 'grey' seems to have the 'lowest sheen-effect' vs the white, and -surprizingly - even the Black.. I think the stuff's strongest-point is that for graphics, especially, the fineness of the mesh (the 'no-see-um' stuff..) makes-for really, really 'crisp' graphics (vs, ie: the old sharkstooth-mesh..) And, to-me, it seems like it makes on-scrim projex look brighter - that is to say, even a 2-3W RGB will look 'as-bright', on the skeeta, as, say, a Chroma10 would have looked, on the classic-sharkstooth / fiberglass of-old.. To me, that's the biggest advantage of the stuff.. better for Outdoor, where you need max-brightness per-watt, and still, with 'good pass-thru', for aerial-fx..

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