Suggestion for pix!!

  1. dsli_jon
    Heyas -

    Suggestion for making IOC pix-viewing-experience, 'more pleasure, less *sigh*'.. PLEASE try and REDUCE the pix-dims of your posted-pix, so when they are viewed on screen, you're not having to scroll 15" U / D to view it... not everyone works on a 42" LCD-screen, k? jk.. Seriously, if you can try and upload, like 1024 x 768s @ 72dpi, that would be awersome... Of course, you are also free to tell me to piss up a rope / post-up 15000 x 15000 pixel-pix...

    Either way, thanks for the pix / support.. Long Live the PL IOC!!!
  2. Vidal Wolf
     Vidal Wolf
    "edits pics for future postings"
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