power supply pt 2

  1. Vidal Wolf
     Vidal Wolf
    One night about three weeks ago I was running the unit at its max power much like Ive run it on other nights but I started to notice a burnt/hot smell. I also started seeing smoke particles in the beampath on my table. I shut down the system & let it cool off then re started after a half hour. I ran the system at low power and almost immediately started smelling the smell again and shut down once more. I opened the supply & saw that a connector from the HF filter to the fuse terminal was turning brown & looked melted. Not good. The next day I changed the crimp connector and noticed that the wire felt brittle, but was not cracked. I powered up & everything seemed OK and went to full power and started smelling the burning/hot smell, so I shut down, opened the box again and saw that the brittle wires insulation had cracked off/fallen away from the copper and that the copper wire was now black and definitely burned. What made it lucky was that the wire,
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