Okay, I'm going to outline just a few rules that I think should govern our reviews of different products and their performance:

1) PhotonLexicon are in no way responsible for deleting or moderating derogatory reviews of any product or seller - We will moderate them only on the understanding that if the text within is proven to be untrue or is needlessly brash.

2) Keep it clean. We don't want any swearwords, personal insults, comments about who's mother did what for how much or any of the like. This is a forum for criticism, even constructive criticism, of different products, their uses and their performance.

3) Make sure you're reviewing the product, not the seller. If you want to make comments about customer service, deceptive advertising or slow shipping/timing etc, take it to the sellers review forum! That's what it's for, you know.

4) Every product that you review should be rated on a scale of 1-100%, and please try and be as honest as possible. Keep your responses as objective as possible, and if you have no other experience with products of the same type, don't give credit for things that could be industry standard.

5) This is a photon-related forum. Anything involving photons, galvos, flashlights, minilights, LEDs or LED arrays, in fact, anything at all that can be loosely related to photons or the like, can be reviewed here. But that doesn't mean we want to hear about your newest music CD, just because it's read with a laser. :P

6) Be honest. (Pretty self explanatory in my opinion, but I suppose I ought to...) Lies will not be tolerated. If you opened it up when you got there, changed the value of the potentiometer on it and it exploded, don't go telling us that the product was faulty!

7) Try to expain several elements of the product or how you tested it, or experiences with using it (Note: This does not include 'i laz0red a plane 0mgz0r and those stupid FB1 didn't catch me'). We would prefer a review to be longer than 1 or even 2 paragraphs, to try and show an honest and conclusive view.

8) Last but not least, have fun. Take time to read other's reviews and try and keep yours to the same quality, but if you can't, don't worry. Just do your best and we'll appreciate it.