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    Gabriel Guest

    Default Seller Review Rules:

    Okay, I'm going to outline just a few rules that I think should govern our reviews of different sellers and their performance:

    1) PhotonLexicon are in no way responsible for deleting or moderating derogatory reviews of any product or seller - We will moderate them only on the understanding that if the text within is proven to be untrue or is needlessly brash.

    2) Keep it clean. We don't want any swearwords, personal insults, comments about what got accidentally put through anyone's mailbox or any of the like. This is a forum for criticism, even constructive criticism, of different sellers, their practices and their performance.

    3) Make sure you're reviewing the seller, not the product. If you want to make comments about product performance, super value for money or cheap parts etc, take it to the product review forum! That's what it's for, you know.

    4) Every seller that you review should be rated on a scale of 1-100%, and please try and be as honest as possible. Keep your responses as objective as possible, and if you have no other experience with sellers of the same type, don't give credit for things that could be industry standard.

    5) This is a photon-related forum. Anywhere selling anything involving photons, galvos, flashlights, minilights, LEDs or LED arrays, in fact, anything at all that can be loosely related to photons or the like, can be reviewed here. But that doesn't mean we want to hear about a random man you met on the street selling OEM Pentium 4s 'At breakneck prices!'

    6) Be honest. (Pretty self explanatory in my opinion, but I suppose I ought to...) Lies will not be tolerated. Don't tell us that it arrived 4 weeks later than it should have when you had it in your hands a few days after the sale. :P

    8) Last but not least, have fun. Take time to read other's reviews and try and keep yours to the same quality, but if you can't, don't worry. Just do your best and we'll appreciate it.


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    Default I appreciate your rules

    Appreciate your rules, and I want to add a basic rule,if anybody want to discuss the seller, good or bad news, firstly, let the seller know the forum, then give the chance to speak themselves, that's usefull, fair play.

    You know,one type from the seller , one customer of the seller, maybe cannot represent all.

    Everyone has freedom of speech, seriously and freely. Everybody has rights to quote that, constructively and sincerely.

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    laserlight, based on the 3 posts you have made on this board I take it that you are a vendor? If so, which one?

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    You noticed that too, eh?

    Seriously, if the guy is so hell-bent on full-disclosure, why hasn't he filled out his profile yet? More to the point, how many people join a forum, post the same day, and spend their first three posts telling everyone else how they should be doing things? cheeky..


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    Smile I am a "student" here

    In any case, I accept criticism.

    I am a "student" here,want to learn more from you,I plan to read more public threads about
    technologies,products,services,problems,accidents, repairs,criticisms,replies...

    Hoping I could "graduate" from the special photonlexicon school earlier, when I find I have better ability -- dialogue with you.

    Thanks all.

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