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Thread: Increase site traffic...

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    Default Increase site traffic...

    We're so young here And I believe we have a valuable resource that could be created...

    This site needs marketing. I am horrid at marketing.

    Anyone got any ideas to "drive" people in?

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    Lemmie see ...
    A 100 watt laser display in the clouds..!

    That wouldnt be overkill would it ?
    Those who stand for nothing, Will fall for anything.

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    Hey spec (and Gabriel?), Just like to say thanks for setting up a forum for laser enthusiasts, moderated by laser enthusiasts. This is going to have great potential, nicely divided into dedicated laser sections. It couldn't get anymore convienient!

    I really hope to see this place grow

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    I live for comments like this

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    your welcome.

    Credit given where credit deserved! I look forward to haveing a place where as you put it "...........we won't have to get out the clue-bat..........."

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    I like getting the clue-bat every now and then. Makes me feel alive.

    Seriously though, I plan on sticking to the self moderation principle and wont "adjust" anything unless its completely off the wall like:

    "I am laZorED! my CAT! His nAMe is fluffLeS! hes bLinD now, I SUE YOU, moRAn!!!1!11one!!1one!!!"

    Yea, that guy gets the cluebat. And I wont even delete the thread, I'll just let the community tear him apart and if he keeps it up he gets a ban.

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    Spec.......... I 'm gonna love this joint!

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    DaFriend 8)

    Nice to have you here


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    Clue Bat...never heard it called that...I used to say a person in a given circumstance needed "to be clopped upside the head with a clue-by-four" but hey, that's just me....
    Responses always welcome...whether intelligent replies or smart answers

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    Spec, nothing helps more than input from yourself a renowned expert (tuggs forelock).

    But we all need to keep this thing busy until natural momentum keeps it going.

    Make sure you all have a PL signature when replying on CPF, and quote reviews when relevent.

    I prefer it here than CPF but we all need to stay busy, I am still working on the tracking laser project and I will post it so all vistors wishing to conrol the laser will have to come here.

    Any more thoughts on the shop stuff ?

    Use APTZ to control your laser

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