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Thread: I am selling ANOTHER laser head on ebay. ;)

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    Default I am selling ANOTHER laser head on ebay. ;)

    tell me what you think about it: are there any problems with the listing?

    I rather hope this doesnt end like the other one where the final bidder refused to pay, even though he got a damn steal.

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    I can't see anything really wrong with your auction spec. You have 100% positive feedback (like myself ). All the information you could possibly want, you have provided. Maybe its because you haven't "sold" anything anything yet on ebay, and people are being cautious? If there was one thing i'd look at......... maybe have a higher starting price? i know $1 starting prices stimulate aggressive bidding, but maybe start the auction a bit higher? People who really know there stuff and actually work with lasers will know the true value of a unit like this and may be cautious of a $1 starting price? Hmm. but looks like you started the auction about $290?

    I honestly don't know, maybe its just your feedback. Any one knowing their lasers wouldn't need anymore info than what you have provided.

    My 2c :?

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    the aution seems great..

    as usual people start bidding when there is only 1-3 hours left

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    yeah, i wait till the last 30 seconds and bid the highest amount i'm willing to pay. Not really good for the seller, but i usually win, which is good for me.

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