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Thread: I apologise...

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    Default I apologise...

    I am sorry for neglecting this board over the past two days, ive been busy soldering galvos and amps...

    I will be back in about a day or so, hopefully with news of me scanning laser shows at 54kpps

    Seriously... soldering with tolerances that are damn close to 2 mm between solder points is NOT easy or fun... I cant feel my hands... and it looks like one of the galvos doesnt work or its not taking the AGC and feedback signals correctly....

    Please forgive me. I feel like this board has been dead to me for a couple days.


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    i have been away the last 4 days

    the first 4 hours was mounting\soldering my GALVO scanner setup !
    The 4 last days was only having FUN with it

    the next 4 weeks i will be gone to make some laser show !

    video and pictures is coming up sooon...

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