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Thread: 10 W diode pumped White Light Laser

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    Default 10 W diode pumped White Light Laser

    JenLas. WhiteLight.
    Modulated 10 W White Light Laser.
    The first industrially manufactured diode pumped white light laser on solid state basis is an absolute top class device. It impresses with its immense color spectrum, which makes it possible to show laser shows in a new overwhelming color quality, as well as its simple handling, the lower power consumption and its efficient cooling system.
    To achieve a comparable laser power with a similar white balance it would be necessary to combine two ion lasers of the highest power class (Chroma 10 or similar)... (with high current power supply and water hoses etc.)!


    laser class IV, modulated by the installed acousto-optical modulator with correction of the color response
    laser wave lengths red=628nm, green=532nm and blue=446nm
    perfect white balance
    integrated absolutely stable fiber launcher (FC connector)
    outstanding beam quality due to special 25 m optical fiber
    high reliability
    low power consumption (maximum 3000W, 16A fuse is sufficient)
    simplest operation
    only connect fiber, ready, no adjustment etc. necessary
    quickly ready for operation, short warm up period
    control by universal interface (RS 232)
    control protocol integrated in the Lasergraph DSP
    easy to transport
    efficient cooling system
    for mains voltages 230V 50/60 Hz
    option: double fiber output for 2 x 6W-8W (approx.) white

    i want.. pleeeeeze.... give it to me... dear god in heaven.. plz plz plz plz

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    How sweet is that!!

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    Its unfathomable how much I hate you for showing me that. :P
    I mean, that is the most amazing thing ever.
    now I need to have one. Just because it exists.
    It probably costs less than my house too, so its not that expensive!

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    Gabriel Guest


    Now if I can just persuade the old woman that we really need one of those...


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    Where do I live?
    Well look for the outhouse sized shack with the incredibly awesome light show in the clouds above!
    Those who stand for nothing, Will fall for anything.

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