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Thread: Amada LasMac LC-1212 3,000 Watt CO2 Laser

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    Default Amada LasMac LC-1212 3,000 Watt CO2 Laser

    They have these where I just started working.

    4ft x 4ft cutting area. From what I can find online, this thing can cut 10mm mild steel, 12mm stainless steel with some helpful oxygen, and 3mm Aluminum and brass.

    The beam width is only 0.2mm. Can you imagine that...3kW of laserlight in a beam only 0.2mm wide!

    But does anyone know if this thing is pulsed or CW?

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    I am guessing CW. Wouldnt make much sense to "stop" the laser mid cut, expecially at those speeds...

    That thing is impressive to say the least!

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    Looks like something James Bond had a close call with.....
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    they use CO2 laser with ceramic resonator and RF stimulation
    this is impressive to see this system working!
    my father tell thats they make hole in glass windows at 10 meters of the laser when they adjust the output path

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    Now that's a system to drool for... I wonder if I can convince my wife though...
    "Honey, Of course it's more useful than a new car, look it cuts glass!"

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    lol, my girlfriend dont like it when I use money on BATTERY to my laserpointer !!
    So you can guess how it is to tell her that I have buyed a new laser that cost 700$ :twisted:

    Wonka: do you live in Sweden !
    I notice on the picture that is says JSmaskin .
    and that is in sweden

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    There's this place here in Charleston that makes these stupid little flat wooden replicas of famous houses here in the city. The company is called "Shelias", after the woman that founded it.

    Anyway, they've got a HUGE CO2 laser cutting machine that they use to cut out the more intricate designs. (The simple designs are cutout using an automatic router table.) The laser is similar to the one pictured above, and is rated at the same 3KW of output, though they only run it at 1.5 - 2 KW because they get less burning that way! (Had a buddy of mine work there for a summer, and he got me inside to see it!)

    Also, their table is larger - it accomodates a sheet that is 8 feet wide...

    Still, very cool equipment. (Wonder if my wife would let me install one in the kitchen? "But honey - it slices, it dices... It even makes Julian Fries!" Yeah, and it will burn through the floor in about .015 seconds...)

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