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Thread: Give me a break!

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    Default Give me a break!

    I just got reprimanded for "foul language" on FFF.

    Except my "foul language" was Friggin @#$!&^%. :evil: :evil:

    That's right....the mod stated:
    Gentlemen, please no foul language in this froum , not even when replace with (%&@(/
    Un-friggin-believable. I am truely amazed. Just when I thought things couldn't get any more ridiculous there, something like that happens and my opinion of the place drops even further.

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    Fuck man, chill out

    Their rules are theirs to apply and enforce as they deem appropriate, we have gone over this before.

    Seriously, this is the lounge so almost anything goes, however I would hate to see this place turn into "the place to bash another place"

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    Need a break?
    We got a break.
    Its cool, refreshing, easy on the eyes...(almost)
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