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Thread: My homemade laser show X-Y scanner (pictures)

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    Default My homemade laser show X-Y scanner (pictures)


    In this post i will give you ALL info u need to make your own (semi.proffesional) X Y scanner system at low-cost

    First is what we need :
    1: PC\laptop so we can controll the set

    2: Controller with the connection plug to printer port.
    (the controller is also known as DAC)

    3: Drivers\amplifers that make strong signal to the galvo

    4: 2 galvo scanners+mirror (faster is better)

    5: Power supply

    6: Laser

    7: Software

    And this is WHERE you can get it :

    1. PC\computer: i guess u know where (make sure it got a printer-port\USB)

    2. DAC \ controller board did i get from
    fast shipping and great service from this guy cost = 112 EUR (including powersupply)

    3. Driver+galvo --->
    4 I did not buy the cheap galvo from becouese they are to slow to make pictures\animasion to a great lasershow.
    So i did get the driver + galvo from m6008 is the name of my galvo that arrived in a sweet set including holders, wires + mounting holders cost = 399 EUR (including shipping to Norway)

    5 Dual power supply did i buy from toghether with the DAC controller board the power supply got GND 5+ 12- 12+

    6 Ah yea the laser you can get alot of green lasers from eBay at low cost.. you can use a "modded" leadlight for home use at no problem!!
    And blanking with the leadlight is no problem
    If not you can buy more powerful laser modules from

    7 The sofware i use is freeware (THANK YOU) and it`s POPELSCAN link: (i will put my lasershow at this URL)
    This is my system today:

    Laser: PGL-III
    Galvo: ordered from
    Controll board:
    Power supply:
    Software: popelscan

    So there is all the stuff you need..
    Here follow some pictures of the system:

    The driver board + m6008 Galvo scanners

    Laser, power supply, DAC, driver board and scanners (pluss some FAN to cool down the system)

    Inside there is all the POWER

    Blue LED indicate that the system is Active !
    And all the plug`s are connected to my box

    Here is 3 relay i forgot to tell about, i use this relay from the blanking output and into the laser (becouse the output from DAC mus NOT be more than 20mA) the 2 other relay is connected to the RED and BLUE output from the DAC

    Sweeet ... just like a rave partey .. yey

    Here are 2 leadlight connected from the RED and BLUE output only to make more show and beams...

    2 leadlights connectet to wires that go to the relay that is connected to the DAC

    So .. hope this can be helpful to all the others that want to make a laser scanner

    i really enjoy playing with the scanner...
    Hope you can make som sweet show with popelscan someday and share the show to me and other people
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    Are you sure you dont have a job moonlighting for 007 making those gadgets he uses?

    Laser show in a briefcase...
    Next thing there will be a pgl 3 on a retractable mount on the front of your car.
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    hey Liteglow..Looks like youve been busy..
    Also looks like your hard work is paying off..
    I do see you need some RED there...
    Nice work Dude.
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    Very nice config Liteglow!

    A few days ago I received and made work the Easylase USB controller and the Mamba 2004 software! Works very nice, perfect hardware... I updated my laserpage for those are interested

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    Very very very nice work liteglow.
    Unfortunately for me, I think I may have to put off my laser scanner project because I will be using those funds to get an alienware ALX this summer...gotta support my other hobbies too ya know. Also- with the issues with PGL-3 blanking output, I decided that it would probably just be better to get a dedicated laser for the scanner when I get around to putting it together. While I was thinking about that I was wondering- is there a laser (stationary kind like sbk has for his scanner) that has an adjustable output? For example, you could take down the output to around 20mW when you dont feel like blinding yourself in your room, and then turn up the output to around 200mW for when youre in an auditorium or something like that and you need more power or blinding isnt an issue.
    Also- i finally got my PGL-3, it is simply awesome

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    Thank you thank you

    SBK i will take a look at your pake asap ..

    I waiting for a new printer cable to my scanner, untill then i can`t use it :cry:

    I think i need a more powerful laser 100-300mW green

    SBK what about buying togheter someday from somewhere ?

    Thanx for all the reply...

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    Where have the images gone ?


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    the damn gallery is GONE (i hope it`s back and running next week)

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    Default UPDATE !!

    Haha.. after 4 Years I did finally update the album :P
    So now is the pictures up and running again !!

    I actually got a request on a e-mail that the pictures on this thread was gone
    So I did find the files on my computer, and upload them to a new gallery host.

    Enjoy the "fun" of the old 2005 ..

    (damn the time run pretty fast away, but the prices is still the same)

    To the ppl that dont know about my lasers, this was my FIRST made green show laser
    doing 8k pps with Popelscan (free LPT software) !

    Then I did make this little nice green 240mW laser:

    A little fun-box

    But then I upgraded to this laser:
    (DT-40 And Mamba Black)

    And next year I did make myself a RGB laser:

    And in 2008 I start building myself a Beam-Raider laser:

    But after almost finishing my beam-raider-laser, the RED maxymodule died..
    And left with no more money left to use on lasers.
    The laser have not been used since 2008 :\
    It is today only a dusty laser with a 300mW green and a 200mW blue waiting for a RED laser to complete it........

    And this.... well it`s just for fun (my second green 1.4Watt green laser from Viasho)

    Cheers, and thanx for reading..

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    Thumbs up

    Wow man, thank you for the trip down memory lane. Someone was asking for a "how to" the other day. Here it is...
    Love, peace, and grease,

    allthat... aka: aaron@pangolin

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