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    Default laser re-sale site

    I was wondering if some of you guys have ever come across this site? Its a laser re-sale with hundreds of lasers, accesories, lightshow equipment etc. I came across it a few months ago.
    Its not much good to me, i'm not quite ready to "play with you big boys (and k-kar )". Don't have the budget, equipment or skill to handle multi watt lasers........yet .

    I don't know if the prices are good, but there is ALOT of stuff here, constantly updated. Heads, power supplies, switches, chillers.

    Its pretty neat, you can search via catagory, manufacturer, description etc

    enjoy, let me know what you think I kept this stashed from FFF too :twisted:

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    Thanx for the info great place...
    The cost is some high for me at this momemt.. but this is a perfect place fo find my next MultiWatt laser the next time i want something bigger

    Thank you for supporting this forum

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    I say this with no reserve:

    A uniphase 2214-30SL is NOT worth $1600. Period.

    I picked mine up WITH power supply for about $450. Laser head was new, power supply was used.

    You will have far better luck on ebay. no joke.

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    like i said, i have no idea about the prices, but there would have to some sort of bargains and bits and pieces in there wouldn't there?

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    every month or so I run through my "laser links" directory on my desktop to see if theres anything of interest or if someone has updated their page or offerings.

    That site has consistantly managed to surprise me and never in a good way.

    Call it a "hunch" but I feel there is something wrong with those people or their selling practices. The emails I have swapped back and forth with them did not instill a sense of confidence in their product "offerings" or ability.

    If I am not mistaken, most, if not all of the items on their page were listed by a 3rd party. The proprietors of that site answer the emails and have never managed to get me an answer that was acceptable.

    I guess that site would be nice for college professors with a blank check for their budget, however I dont know any of those people.

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