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    whats the deal with wicked lasers, i have already ordered a pointer from them, i have spent some time reading threads from a few forums, some saying their taking orders but not shipping anything out, have i lost my money, i've heard all sorts of things about them from different forums, can anyone clear things up for me? i am in australia.

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    Hi Deflector ...and Welcome Aboard

    I really cant say much as I have no dealings with them...
    Some are happy, some are too impatient, and some may very well
    may not have gotten what they where expecting...
    I have been reading all the same as you on the boards...and many are not getting any answers.
    It does seem a bit strange...hopefully soon we will get some answers and
    and straighten up things a bit...

    I hope your stay on this board turns out good and imformitive for you
    "My signature has been taken, so Insert another here"
    *^_^* aka PhiloUHF

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    Hi Deflector,

    I'm from australia too! . I think as marconi said alot of people are just impatient. i've had a couple wicked's sent to me with no problem. Most people from what i can gather alot people hear nothing, then get a knock on the door 2-3 weeks later from the post man with their laser and then are happy, but don't bother returning to the forum to say "its all fine"

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    have you dealt with wicked lately? i have. it took them 4 weeks after i sent them money to tell me they were out of stock. they rarel answer emails. have you written to them lately about your order? how quick was your response? on the 5th week i demanded a refund. did i get an answer? no. 5 weeks waiting for my order. is that being impatient? i gave them the benefit of a doubt. my last order took 2 weeks to complete. so i figured i give them the same amt for my second order. it took paypal to resolve my problem. so unless you've dealt with them recently (in the past two month). patience may not be a virtue when dealing with wicked. and unless this forum is connected with wicked, which i hope they are not. this thread should not be locked or deleted.

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    thanks for the welcome marconi

    dafiend, when did you last order from wicked, and which one was it, did you send any emails to them, and get any response?

    i did send wicked an email, asking for their password to the 500 series and had got a reply the next day, so they are active, would they only be giving me the password so i may waste more money?

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    wicked is registred on this forum.. so maybe he can answer the question ?

    I did buy my very first laser from wicked.. a 5mW pointer...
    The shipping and payment was no problem..
    But it`s like 7monts ago !!

    All my lasers i have buyed recently i buy from Vital Spirit !!
    They act more pro. and are VERY helpful with anything

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    I am concerned because I would like to order an MX and some reports, like those from laser mod, are positive. But now we are seeing many negitive reports.

    Do you think demand has outstripped supply ?


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    wicked laser is a pureplay, one item, niche producer. they're only market is us hobbyist. if they cant or dont want to deal with customer concerns, addressing their needs, answering their emails. their little niche wont support them anymore. i' personally wont deal with them anymore. i am new to this hobby. but in the last two months i've acquired 4 lasers, 2 phoenixes, 2 atlas novas, and 2 more coming. one from vital spirits, and one pgl lll. i'll build up my collections. but you can bet. unless wicked improves their cavalier attitude. i doubt i'll purchase from them for a long time. my 2 cents.

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    Not this year i haven't but a coulpe of times at the end of last year. I haven't order any lasers for a little while from any one cause i crashed my bosses car :cry:

    Wickedlasers haven't posted anything here for a long time, and this is Specs forum.

    My own experinces i can't fault. Though i have read many that have been dissapointed in some way or another.

    When i can afford it i'm going to buy a phoenix/MX.

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    I'm probably just being paranoid, i would also like to order an MX too, but i better wait and see how my last one goes first.

    I would be interested in who the new owner of wicked is, if i isnt chris tao anymore. can anyone shed some light on this?

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